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A Wave of Positivity with Soulful Jazz and Smooth Gospel Tunes- J-Mo Brings Light and Love with New Album ‘Laidback’

Bringing 25 years of experience, J-Mo’s passionate new singles- “Color Him Father,” “Stepping Out,” “All I Need” and others depict a powerhouse in the making

South Jordan, UT —June 18th, 2023 – Having started his musical journey singing in Church and a musical group The Entertainers and as the lead guitarist for the Utah Travelers gospel group, James Morris- popularly known as J-Mo-‘s passion for music has only multiplied. In 1980, the artist formed The New Generation of Gospel, a remarkable gospel group aimed at inspiring the younger generation with their musical talents.

With a desire to broaden horizons and uplift souls, J-Mo has consistently sought to bring joy and happiness through his music. As a dedicated husband and father, J-Mo’s love for music knows no bounds. He is well-versed in various genres, with a special affinity for soul, gospel, Christmas, and smooth jazz.

Most significant, however, are his newly released December 2022 Christmas singles, “Oogie Woogie Christmas” and “Christmas Joy,” which bring attention towards his ability to capture the essence of the holiday season. The infectious energy of “Oogie Woogie Christmas” will have listeners feeling the excitement of the festive season, while “Christmas Joy” beautifully embodies the true spirit of Christmas.

J-Mo’s most recent venture, his powerful new album “Laidback” is perhaps the artist’s most ambitious work yet. The album offers a soothing and relaxing experience, perfect for long drives and creating a pleasant ambiance in stores, depicting J-Mo’s belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy life.

Throughout his career, J-Mo has shared the stage with renowned artists, including Kurt Bestor and Pete Seeger. He even had the privilege of opening a show for the Ohio Players. The artist’s versatility extends beyond music as he has also showcased his narration skills in the University of Utah Children’s Dance Theater production of “Blue so Blue” in 2006, where he also composed the song “Blue Blues” to enhance the performance.

With his unwavering dedication to his craft, the hit tune-maker continues to pursue his future goals and objectives. He aims to produce and record songs and stories for theater entertainment, further expanding his artistic repertoire and captivating audiences with his creative endeavors.

“I would love to feel everyone’s Joy through my newly released singles and album,” remarks the artist.

Visit James Morris’ official website check out, buy, download, and enjoy his smooth and matchless melodies! Follow the artist’s journey on social media and reach out through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaboration opportunities!



James Morris, a lifelong music lover and gifted storyteller, began his musical journey in 1975 with a songwriting contract at AMG Records in Cincinnati, Ohio. He made his mark with two singles, “We Could Work It Out” and “Love Affair.” In 1990, the artist founded NGOG Productions, his own recording studio, and produced two outstanding albums, “Lighting It Up” and “Laidback.”

Alongside his music career, James has performed as a lead guitarist alongside notable artists including Bo Diddley, Pete Seeger, and Kurt Bestor. He has also opened for renowned acts like the Ohio Players and the Williams Brothers. James’s multifaceted talents extend to narration for theater productions, including the University of Utah’s Children’s Dance Theater.


Name: James Morris (J-Mo)
Address: 9696 S Pinebrook Dr, South Jordan, UT
Phone: 8018087071

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