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A Promising Star with Gripping, Entertaining, and Riveting R&B Music – Shalond LiTwan White “Lovely” Drops New Album

With authenticity, Shalond LiTwan White’s new R&B Album, “Legal Street Name Lovely” is a breakthrough by the inspirational artist

Memphis, TN —August 18th, 2022 –  Shalond LiTwan White is breaking into the R&B scene with music that identifies her trustworthy craft, with riveting, entrancing, and credibility. Through use of her own vocals, R&B rhythms and song writing, Shalond LiTwan White, entertain audiences through a heartening of life, love, and emotions.

Shalond LiTwan White “Lovely” release her debut in the music industry with her new album, “Legal Street Name Lovely”, the rising star achieved a strategic length of musical skills. The new album released for audiences on May 24th, 2022. Pro Publishing ten (10) songs, that are full of thought thoughtful with emotions, entertainment, and Prominent.

With electrifying R&B tunes and rhythms, Shalond LiTwan White “Lovely” a strong vocal range performer, with contrast of instrumentation which is successful to make audiences fall in love with this rising Superstar. Legal Street Name Lovely singles “Sexual Request”, “Monies on Everything”, “Own my Own”, “Baby Boy”, “Keepsake”, the talent of the artist brings an engaging, enticing, and proficient articulate to the music world, entertaining audiences in her own craft.

A seasoned powerhouse, Shalond LiTwan White a reputable experience creating music, also part of several live vocal performances. Inspired by the unparalleled vocal talents and lyrical and songwriting genius of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, Shalond LiTwan White continues perseverance. With prosperous emotions through her achieved, soothing, and high-energy contrast, Shalond LiTwan White “Lovely” create original, professional, entertaining musical composition.

Shalond LiTwan White “Lovely” satisfies a momentous milestone in her glistening career- one which  shows a series of irresistible musical songs. She keeps insight that through greater Legal Street Name Lovely CD sales, downloads, Live Performances, and record-breaking streaming, She increases to reach to an even larger fan base.

Stream, download, and buy Shalond LiTwan White’s new album, ‘Legal Street Name Lovely’ and subscribe to her official social media platforms! Follow the artist on social media to stay up to date with new music and releases and contact the artist for music interviews, music reviews.



Shalond LiTwan White “Lovely” is an performer, strong, also gifted singer-songwriter, who remains driven to make an impact with her own music. With a effectiveness, Shalond LiTwan White irradiance through traditional music genre, profound to an audience that appreciate of her craft, style and performance.

From Memphis, Tennessee, Shalond LiTwan White, Born March 19,1983. The Singer realized her musical calling early on, persistence to create orignal music that defines her own style and range as a rising vocalist. Shalond LiTwan White Legal Street Name Lovely song writing, captivating lyricism, or mesmerizing vocals, Shalond LiTwan White “Lovely” displays a professionalism satisfaction over each musical element. A stylistic R&B vocalist, Shalond LiTwan White professionalism creating music for around 25 years, Deliverance in abound quality, perfection her performance in dance and choreography with her own rhythm.



Shalond LiTwan White “Lovely”
Name: Legal Street Name Lovely
Address: 1661 International Dr. Ste. 400, Memphis, TN
Phone: 901-860-4348



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