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Dj Iceman Going BIG in 2022

Its not always you see a producer take on a ambitious project at the beginning of the year, but Dj Iceman is NOT your typical producer. The Wu-Tang Affiliated producer is doing something real big. he calls it the "Beat The Quarter Challenge" for the whole first quarter of 2022 (90 days) Ice will be releasing a new beat along with a 1 minute at video (for his social media) "I made all the beats, mixed and mastered them, did the artwork, and put together the art vids" "Ive done a 30 day…


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Soul The Interrogator Countdown to Perdition

Seattle MC Soul The Interrogator released his single and brand new video Countdown to Perdition on March 4th. The MTK produced song features Soul (along with his hype man Oveus Lee in the video) rapping over an intense slap about the state of music, the influence it has on everyday life & where humanity is heading. If life is imitating art then Soul says music is going to hell in a handbasket, with humanity following close behind. He also describes a darker side to his home Seattle…


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Skynnie Bone Brings Back The True Mixtape Flava With 02022020

Tacoma rhyme spitter Skynnie Bone has been putting it down in the town for a cool minute. from garage cyphers to the battle circuit, Skynnie gets busy. his crew No Evidence is a staple in the Northwest scene. so when Skynnie decided to drop a mixtape ahead of his upcoming album, people took notice. Skinnie prides himself as being a true student of the game, and it shows with this release. 02022020 is a throwback to when emcees got on by ripping apart other peoples beats. from Slim Shady, to…


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Dj Iceman Goes Into "Boss Mode" With His New Label Move

In May of 2019 Dj Iceman took another step into the boss zone by establishing his own label. he is now the owner and Sole Proprietor of Big Boss Records. "I wanted this to be a main publishing hub for my music." i always preach that ownership is everything and i wanted to practice what i preach." how will he keep up with everything being that he has 3 other companies? (Big Boss Ent, his promotion…


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Soul The Interrogator-Greyhound featuring Notion, & Grynch. Beat By Nitro Fresh

Soul The Interrogator drops the visual for the song Greyhound. Featuring Notion and Grynch.

Follow Soul the Interrogator on all his social media …


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Mac Ro-Pass The Weed

Florida rapper Mac Ro comes through with his latest single "Pass The Weed"  



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Get To Know Bowie Entertainment

Bowie Entertainment, out of Las Vegas, NV has fast become one of the bigger names for music in the entertainment capital of the world. Originally from the Bay Area, Bowie Entertainment relocated to Las Vegas only 3 years ago and has hit the…

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Bowie Entertainment-The Money Calling (J. Earl and Ca$hmere Ninja)

Bowie Entertainment out of Las Vegas NV is making power moves in the music industry. Located in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas. Bowie Entertainment has been steadily becoming a major factor. Originally from the Bay Area, Bowie Entertainment re-located to Las Vegas little over three years ago. They have been featured on many…


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Dj Iceman Set To Release First Label Release-The Boom Bap Chronicles Vol 1

Washingtons (By way of Brooklyn) Dj Iceman is set to release his first label EP "The Boom Bap Chronicles Vol 1" on December 22nd on Bittale Records. Bittale Records is a small record label out of Greece. "They heard some of my beats and wanted to sign me to an EP deal on the spot,i figured why not,i always wanted to get some exposure overseas." says the 44 year old dj/beatmaker. the 33 year dj vetera is even more shocke because he only started making beats this year. " I never thought…


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Muncho The Madman-Groceries Vol.1

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Urnotadj. How A Guy with No Dj Gear Is Turning The Dj Community Upside Down


Meet David Spells A.K.A Deej Eigh, A.K.A. Madhatta From Atlanta,Georgia. he is the leader/originator of the Urnotadj "Movement"  he prides himself on "saving the dj culture" and "preserving the turntable traditions" but he has no turntables,or controllers,or cdjs,or any dj gear really. so how is he accomplishing his mission? hes not. but let him tell…


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Who Is RealSquad215???

RealSquad215 is one of the most Explosive Most Talented Music Groups you Ever Seen coming Out of The streets of NorthEast Philadelphia More known as the #PhiladelphiaTurnUpKings.This Music Group are all Blood Related Starting at the C.E.O VellcrowGoHard (24) Then Next His brothers T.Jizzle (25) & Young Levi (22). You never seen a group like this sense Hot…

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Ace Brav-Want It All (feat. RJ Da Real$t)[Prod. RicandThadeus]

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Who Is Ruinz???

From rhyme, rhythm, and real reason, Ruinz has made a dent in today’s music and entertainment world. The dedication is no less than the best and putting in the effort to make it to the big leagues won’t be a surprise in this case. Do not forget that when you hear Ruinz on the airwaves nationally or even internationally that we predicted the…


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MORE NEW HEAT Stone - Still Here (Prod. By RockItPro & Hoorizontaal)

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NEW HEAT ALERT Stone - No Limit

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Who Is R.O.T??

R.O.T (Revenge of the Truence) is a New York City Duo comprised of Lyricist MuGGz and Lyricist/Producer Tay Dayne (LTY Music). Together they bring a fresh and authentic brand of street science to the New York hip hop sound. The Dirty Duo goes in on each and every track, reminding you when NY ran Hip Hop.

"Only for the higher minded" - Tay Dayne


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Who Is The TUE???

The TUE (Thee United Empire) duo is formed of Michael Foerster a.k.a Big Mike and Corey Pierre a.k.a Chorus Joe. Mike was born in Memphis, TN, but raised in Hawley, MN where he would eventually meet TUE's other half, Corey. CJ was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN. Big Mike and CJ both grew up in the 90's and 2000's and like to instill that era of Hip-Hop into their music.…


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Who Is Wavy??

The artist Wavy coming straight out of the South Bronx is a PROBLEM!! His latest project is called "They Love Talking" off of his own label Cash Pyramid Records.  A definite street & club banger that's high tempo with a lot of energy.  This young but experienced artists has put in a lot of work in the industry.  From getting his records played on major New York…


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Who Is Kiante Robinson???

Born and raised in the Bronx section of New York, Kiante Robinson (21) is a upcoming music artist who expresses his rough upbringings and minor downfalls through his music.
He always felt like such an outcast amongst peers and was often times told he wouldn't achieve his goals chasing music. Using his past experiences as lessons to achieve greatness as…

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