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Urnotadj. How A Guy with No Dj Gear Is Turning The Dj Community Upside Down


Meet David Spells A.K.A Deej Eigh, A.K.A. Madhatta From Atlanta,Georgia. he is the leader/originator of the Urnotadj "Movement"  he prides himself on "saving the dj culture" and "preserving the turntable traditions" but he has no turntables,or controllers,or cdjs,or any dj gear really. so how is he accomplishing his mission? hes not. but let him tell it hes doing a great job. he tries to bully and intimidate other djs and discredit djs that are better than him. he even went as far as to try to discredit djs like Dj Jaycee (Instructor at the Atlanta scratch academy,and former tour dj for Ludacris) and Dj Cheese (The First DMC Champion,the dj responsible for bringing dj battles to the modern era DMC and Dj Hall of Famer) as a dj he does has a decent skillset, but he has NO real history in the dj world, NO documented,confirmed battles (DMC,ITF,IDA,NMS,etc) all he really does is go to OTHER djs houses to record "battle" videos dissing the other djs

Heres him flexin his "skills" trying to do some video mixing on borrowed equipment

heres a screenshot from a well known dj in Atlanta talking about how he asked to go to her house to record a diss video

so why even bring this up?  because djs pride themselves on being REAL. in an industry where "fakin the funk" is rarely tolerated this man has been able to carve out a cheering section,and actual fanbase built on lies and intimidation. when he can actually get props for lying about beating Dj Jaycee in a battle that NEVER happened,something is wrong. and the stories keep piling up. djs from all over seem to have stories and screenshots of the fuckery this man has committed. from one dj saying he paid Madhatta to do a website for him that never got done to others saying that he called them up asking for crazy amounts of money, this guy is a cancer to the dj community. he can not come up with any concrete,documented ,verifiable FACTS of any of the exploits he talks about. the dj community at large is tired of this guy
16640984_1372338942828053_6062911428160648464_n (1)

so when they see his logo they pretty much do what they can to shut him down

like THIS response video from Dj Jaycee

HE IS NOT A DJ!!  and what he is doing will NOT be tolerated in the dj community.

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