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Comin straight from Pasadena,California, Fruztr8 Madpitter is trying to leave his mark on the game. with a new project in the works he feels he's gonna do just that.

1. Who are you and where are you from?
I Go by The Stage name Fruztr8 Madspitter

2. what got you started in this?
Ive Always liked rap music since i was little kid just listenin

3. who are your influences?
My influences in hip hop from underground to mainstream are C-Bo, Brotha Lynch, RBL Posse, Snoop Dogg, E-40, Ice cube, Tupac, Busta Rhymes, Sticky Fingazz , Fredro Starr, Scarface Twista, and Bonethugs In Harmony

4. what's your process like? 

What I usually do before i even come up with a song, I make the Track, Mix it, then write to it. how do you come up with? I came up with this process by learning how to make my music sound better through the years

5. How do you stand out? what makes you different from the rest?
People say i don't sound like nobody else,i like puttin in energy when i make songs and i give myself challenges to come up with a complexed flow

6. How do you feel about the game today?
It has pretty much opened up for everyone, but different at the same time since technology changed

7. Tell us about your new project.
The recent one i put out is called Action Pak Activity with 22 tracks that is out on Amazon,Itunes and This was a fun album to make because i was goin through things in different days and i had a lot to say and good ideas to come up with.Im workin on another album right now and im goin to start shootin videos for the recent project i just put out

8. If there's ONE person you could work with,who would it be?
I will like to work with Stylez P on some underground street heat

9. When its all said and done,what do you want your legacy to be?
An Artists that comes with fire, classics, and hardworkin

10. any last words/shout outs? where can you be reached? (social media,booking,etc)
Shouts out to all the hard workin Artists, producers, and promoters out there lookin for ideas to come up with.
Yall can reach me on and Facebook
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