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Upcoming Sydney City Rapper signs with Bentley Records and releases his single Fly Away ft. Celina

Riley John Tsingolis (Born June 18, 2000) known by his stage name, Triniti, is a 20 year old, Australian rapper and songwriter. Riley was born in Sydney and grew up in Croydon Park, although relocating to Berkeley Vale at the age of 4, he returned to Croydon Park with his mother and 2 brothers in 2008 due to his parents splitting up. Despite his career commencing in 2012, he has always been passionate about music, rap and the art of storytelling. His music and lyrics stem from his own various experiences and reflect the hardships of life. He began creating music from a self-made studio set up within his grandmother’s garage, and after much hard work and dedication towards his music, he was scouted out and is now currently signed to Bentley Records.

Presented by Bentley Records

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