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Up And Coming Cali Femcee Stirring Up A Storm With Her New Single "Money, Music, And Maryjane"

Up And Coming Cali Femcee Stirring Up A Storm With Her New Single "Money, Music, And Maryjane"

My name is Cheyanna "Young Latte" Jackson I was raised in Richmond California with my background and roots from Grenada, Mississippi. I’ve always been interested in music and being a performer my whole entire life it was something about how the beat with the lyrics just takes you to another place. when I heard my first song that stuck in my mind and being of a young age and not knowing what music can teach you things on top of showing you the way of life was.

The song back stabbers I remember my daddy playing it in the car and he sung those words so clearly when I was a little girl over and over again And you seem to never leave my brain every since then. I knew I had to do music to move ppl I knew that being on the radio and being heard was my dream. I listen more it says R&B music like anita baker Jill Scott Sade Etta James Billie Holiday Toni Braxton Kelly price Donell Jones SWV.

Support Me By Buying/Downloading My New Single By Clicking Here

I knew that I just needed to sing then it was so crazy because I never rapped and never could but I wrote poetry all day long. I added a beat behind one of my poems back when I was a teen in my music therapy and after that I got into rap I heard women like MC light the lady that said I rock rough and stuff with my Afro puffs lady rage Lauryn Hill Left Eye Eve and Missy Elliot they just inspired me to want to mix my creations up and become the artist I am today. 28 years later started singing a very young age from being n the choir at church to going and performing at the E. Bay Center of performing arts perfecting my craft and figuring out who I am.

I would sing different genres from R&B the gospel even opera to try to see what works best but I knew that R&B and was my calling i started rapping after I put music to one of my poems I wrote at school and I feel n love since then I haves work with A lot of Bay Area rappers and producers from Dap Daniel, Luigi Of Legacy Studios, Madi Graw, Ten2 Win, La Garrett, The Deffa Heffa, Hustle Simmons, and Cuddie Mack.
I am currently working on some new music one song that I just came out is called, money music Mary Jane its on that anybody can go buy and download right now support me a new and upcoming artist.

Support Me By Buying/Downloading My New Single By Clicking Here

I’m also getting ready to get into the studio and work on a new song called effing shit up and it’s a more upbeat dance to song. it’s in your face It’s coming out of the record label call Makk Recordings / Vicious group entertainment. which has been a terrific and wonderful label and I’m happy to be working with them now. The drive behind me is really strong and I just can’t wait for the world to hear my music.

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Facebook: Cheyanna Jackson
Instagram: Thee1_and_onlyyounglatte
Snapchat: Younglatte

Booking Contact:
Marvell "Mvee" Jackson
Vicious Group Entertainment

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