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Torae and Marco Polo Sign to Duckdown; Release Double Barrel Album this Spring

Duck Down is continuing its expansion and its one of the reasons why they are one of the more consistent labels since they opened up shop with the signing of Torae and Marco Polo. In true Gangstarr-esque fashion, the rapper and the producer will drop a new album "Double Barrel" with all production handled by Marco Polo this Spring.

For the unitiated or teeny bopper readers of, Polo is no slouch as he has provided fire for Rakim, BCC, Sadat X, Large Pro, G Rap, and his own very dope album Port Authority.

Polo is fed up with the current state of the game as he mentions he "was getting tired of Rappers not rapping anymore. Double Barrel sounds like some exciting shit you turn up LOUD and get amped to."

Torae is fresh off the mixtape release, "Daily Conversation" (released in 2008) featured production from DJ Premier, 9th, Black Milk, Khrysis.

Currently on tour with Duckdown, look for the duo to smash speakerboxes reeeal soon.
production to many of Duck Downs recent releases so our core fans are familiar with his level of work. We are looking forward to a fully produced album from Marco showcasing Torae."

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