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The Band of the Hawk - “Kangol”

Just like that, it is here. After previously blessing us with their spectacular “Flux Capacitor” drop, Houston’s answer to The Wu-Tang Clan and early Pro Era, The Band of The Hawk, have finally released their “Kangol” project. Completely produced by original BOHUP member, Noah Archangel, and mostly upheld by Yeaux Majesty’s idiosyncratic rhymes, “Kangol” is this Texas collective’s 2019 endowment to the world of lo-fi, underground Hip-Hop. A world wherein they are slowly, but surely, becoming kings. The coronation occurs through a bevy of rap-heavy, boom-bap jams. Between sample-driven instrumentals, skits, and the lyrical ventures of featured BOHUP artists, Yeaux Majesty and Noah Archangel string together an impressively cohesive offering. Bangers, such as “Downtown Friday Nights”, “Bedrock”, “‘19 Mentality”, “Golden Child”, and “All U Need” flow seamlessly down this river of Golden Age musicality. If not for the apparent tracklist, “Kangol” could very much be presented as one, elongated piece of music; and that quality alone makes it superior to every other project released alongside it. In the space and history of lyrical, archaic, underground Hip-Hop, this project could very well become a classic. And The Band of The Hawk, the South’s answer to the legendary, old-school rap crews we hardly go a day without giving praise. 


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