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Syce Wavy ft Nef the Pharoah - "Side Piece Remix"

Last year did not go quite as planned, but the expectations for the next months are super high and almost everyone is preparing themselves because Summer is behind the corner, and this one is really one of those summers that no one will ever forget. One of those summers that you will tell to your sons and nephews.

More opportunities and perspectives are showing up that will finally, once for all (we hope), allow us to safely experience this warmer and happier time of the year, spending the whole season outside of our living rooms, as it should be.

The entertainment world is one of the most affected industries hit by the effects of the restrictions resulting in theaters, cinemas and clubs being closed for basically a year. Obviously many Dj’s have not had many if any gigs during this pandemic. One would assume that most DJs have probably spent many hours thinking about their first set after all this time, and actually, some of them figured their way out finding other ways to entertain and keeping on mastering their craft even in these strange times that have characterized the past year.

Being a Dj is not just a profession but a true lifestyle, a way to approach and understand the world around us; a DJ is always looking for some new, fresh inputs and inspirations to mix the ones from the past with the ones from the present to shape and influence the future. A Dj has to predict what people are gonna like to hear in the clubs, what they will dance to, and try to always be one step ahead, since being the first to play a track can make a big difference. So, here is a heads up on one of those ones you really cannot miss, the new single of Syce Wavy: “Sidepiece Remix” featuring Nef the Pharoah; after debuting the album “703” with tracks like “plug” and “16”, the Woodbridge (Va) native is coming back with a new banger, trying to rep his city, coming in hot just in time to be a contestant for the title of the street anthem of the summer. For this “Oakland-type” track he connected with the already well-known California native artist Nef the Pharoah that has previously worked with many big names of the scene like G-Eazy.

Released on Equity by Roc Nation, this is going to be one of those singles that will be with you on every upcoming sunny day, no playlist can afford to miss this and DJs will surely play it in every place or situation, from their Mixshows all the way up to strip clubs, It’s actually already on WKys 93.9 FM and Rated 4 of 5 on Digiwaxx with 1000 or more downloads.

He also recently released his latest project titled “Say Less (TikTok Challenge)” which is particularly unique as it makes Syce Wavy the first-ever artist to do an album specifically For TikTok challenges. The project has been described as a revolutionary move since the way the platform is helping promote artists and their songs by new challenges that have the ability to go viral very quickly.

This move also proves once again his creativity and how dedicated he is. The album contains songs that are all 60 seconds or less, making it easy for influencers to create dance challenges to all the tracks.

Be sure to add this track to the rotation, and keep in mind that is also possible to catch up with the latest developments and progress of Syce Wavy visiting his Soundcloud, Instagram, and TikTok. Stay tuned for more!

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