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RJ & DJ Necterr take over Los Angeles!!!

Two names in Los Angeles we keep hearing, RJ & this hot Dj by the name of Necterr. I seen a flyer with both their names on it and made it a must to come up with a discussion regarding them. This is an event I am actually excited about attending. If you have never seen Dj Necterr live WOW!!! His live DJ show reminds me of an 80's rock concert, a lot of energy and he's guarantee to take his shirt off for the ladies and give the entire audience his all!!! Then you have RJ aka Mr La. Rj keeps putting hits out back to back to back. This event is being held in Los Angeles Ca. Who ever put together the DJ with the artist was genius. I picture this event selling out with hundreds standing out side just waiting to get inside. I recommend you get like me and get you some type of media credentials or get there early!!! I don't plan to wait outside for long at this well anticipated event!!! See you Saturday!!!
Listen to the hit song that topped the charts & blogs earlier this year "On The Way" by DJ Necterr, Tory Lanez & Tasman Holloway!!!

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