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Papi Profa is The Next Big Hip Hop Star!!

Papi Profa is a new artist out of the DMV area. Just recently dropped his first project entitled “Ghetto Singer Boy” on August 29th composed of eight tracks. Each track has its own unique sound and conveys distinct messages from “Never falling in Love” to “Doing doughnuts in a UFO.” He separates his self from different artists with his organic sound and outlooks on music as a whole. Unlike many of rappers that are classified in the same area, Profa does not fall into the category of a “trap” rapper, but more of a feel-good, “backpack” kind of rapper that incorporates humor and poetry into each song. He focuses on an original message that can be incorporated in a number of ways while providing music that can turn up a party or provide a euphoric vibe.

Listen to Papi Profa's new single from his mixtape "Evol" (Love spelled backwards)

Twitter: @StillSplashyIC

Instagram: @dr.jmr.h


For Bookings or interviews contact Parnell Gervais @ThoroughConsulting

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