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Nayan Raina, Sliding into the Music Industry With His Hit Single Butter

The music industry, one of the toughest industries to sustain because of the increasing competition and variety of singers. Today, every artist who wishes to retain themselves in the music industry needs to bring something new to the table and stand out from the rest. Their tunes and beats ought to be new, unique, and refreshing; anything that is easily distinguishable and catches the attention of the crowd. While many are putting their best to create meaningful music, Nayan Raina is one artist who has successfully managed to make their way into the music industry.

Raina has had his fair share of struggles while starting in the music industry. Just like other artists, Nayan faced rejections and several hindrances during his journey. Luckily, his encounter with John Ho opened doors of opportunity for this emerging star. John Ho is a renowned name in the industry as he has worked with famous artists such as Cody Simpson, Florida, Frank Ocean, Cassie, and Mya. During their first meeting, the two felt an instant connection because of their multi-ethnic musical backgrounds. After that, Raina and Ho met several times to jam together in an attempt to produce top-notch music. As John Ho had the experience of working with A-listed K-Pop artists and knew a lot about the L.A. Hip-Hop scene, he had created a well-structured plan to launch this dynamic personality and his catchy song. As soon as the Butter was created, the duo released it on YouTube, which turned out to be a massive hit. Its sensual video was directed by Nayan Raina himself and Director Damien Sandoval. It was liked a lot by the audience that it quickly made its way to the well-known radio station, KISS FM. The response Raina received on his debut single was surreal and overwhelming. This boosted Nayan’s confidence to create more and songs and allowed him to dream big. Keeping an

Eye on the Price and Not Looking Back

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. Brad Belliston Rightfully said, success does not come easy; it is the result of consistent hard work and dedication. Nayan Raina, a determined personality, had set his goal from his early years and wanted to pursue music as his career. To have wider options and an open area to practice his craft, he moved to the States in 1995. He graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles, with a dream to make it big in the music industry. Initially, Raina jammed with his friends and spent a good few years perfecting his vocals.

Nayan then tried his luck at an American reality T.V. show, “America’s Got Talent.” He performed before celebrity judges Sharon Osbourne, David Hasselhoff, and Piers Morgan. Although he performed really well, he could not pass the entry round. The rejection did not lower his spirits. Instead, it motivated him to keep working on his craft. It was this time was the tables turned for him when he met with John Ho, the major record label producer. His successful debut into the music industry was smooth.

Pumped with the success of his single, Raina gave two back-to-back releases of amazing songs, namely, DrNk TeXtIn and All Night. Both of the singles were well-received by his listeners. Simultaneously, he got himself into a few acting projects as well. Passionate to explore himself in various ways, Nayan Raina has proved himself as an actor too. His work can be seen in movies such as Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, Havana, On the Roof, Labor Pains, Deadliest Warrior, and Weapon of Mass Destruction.

A versatile person who is capable of taking on any role and proving themselves in it always grabs attention. Raina had successfully established himself as a musician and artist and had garnered attention worldwide. After suffering a personal loss back to back in 2017 and 2018 by losing both of his parents, Nayan Raina took a break from the industry and came back with a bang. His sizzling EP ‘Besame’ featuring four hot singles : Besame, Phone, Closer, and Sex Friend. Not only did he made a powerful comeback, but he managed to get his songs streamed worldwide. His strong presence on social media and music streaming apps has added to his extensive portfolio. Former America’s Got Talent contestant has performed in renowned venues like House of Blues, Conga Room and Whisky a Go Go and has also starred in DrNk TeXtIn music video starring as BEN and his love interest BELLA, a French Spanish Ballerina.

Nayan Raina’s journey as a professional musical artist is truly inspiring. Even after many ups and downs, he has finally established his name in the music industry.

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