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Meet Rising Multi-Talented Entrepreneur Gio Made It

My name is Devyn Giovengo, I’m a 21 year old entrepreneur from Pittsburgh, PA. I first started getting involved in business ventures when I was about 11-12 years old. I started my first ever company “Gio Customizing and Repairs”. During this time I would buy and resell shoes and at the same time customize and repair customers' shoes for them. I got into this from all of my friends always wanting the new Jordans. At this time I wasn’t wearing any Jordans, mostly just Air Maxes, Air Forces and Converse. But I bought my first pair of Jordans in my school bathroom in sixth grade. They were a pair of Bred 11’s with no shoe laces in them. I kept reselling sneakers and customizing sneakers until about Sophomore year of High School.

During this time I also started a clothing line for a short period of time when I was in 8th grade, my clothing line's name was “Zeal”. Zeal means to have great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. This made me get deeper into fashion than just sneakers, so in High School I started reselling designer/streetwear clothes like Supreme, Bape, Gucci, Off--White, etc. I translated this love for business and fashion my Junior year of High School. My friend Kelfromvisions, Derrek McFadden and I started our clothing line “Visions Attire”. Though then till now we usually sell out of all products within the first few days, oftentimes we sell out products within the next few hours. Some of the products we’ve released are shirts, hoodies, jackets, balaclava masks, shorts, sweatpants, rolling trays, jars and more.

When I got to college we turned our clothing line also to a record label “VOE” aka Visions Over Everything. Since we started the clothing line I taught myself graphic design on Photoshop. This is how we were doing the majority of the Visions designs. My sophomore year, I learned videography, this including working with cameras and basic video editing. This is when I officially launched my company “Gio Made It”. At Gio Made It, I do graphic design, videography (mostly music videos but promotional videos too), photography, marketing and photography. I focus mostly on music videos. I sold my first music video about two years ago for $70. When I was first starting I was charging between $70-$120 for a whole video, now my prices range from $550-$900 and now I have worked with various artists all over the United States. I’ve worked with artists from PA, OH, AZ, TX, FL, SC. NC, GA, WV, NY and more just in the last year alone. I’ve also done marketing and graphic design work for a few different international artists.

Some of the biggest projects I’ve been a part of were the Kelfromvisions- No Way video, Kelfromvisions- Attention video, JohnnyBae- Desire video, Loccie Shmula- Demon Time video, JohnnyBae- WRLD (Feat. Spice Cobain) and more.


Visions Attire Website

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