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Keanu Domini, is a Rapper, Actor, and many other things. From Corpus Christi, Texas. At the age 14 he began writing poetry on his bus rides to school, which would then later evolve into rap. During years 2016-2017 is when Keanu really began to focus on his ability to write. He was 18 when he released his first album titled "A DARK DARK KNIGHT". it was the creation of that album where he was able to test the waters. "I think I did the best I could, given that had never done an album before, and I was just 18, I hadn't even started my senior year of high school yet. " upon completion of "A DARK DARK KNIGHT". Keanu was eager to reach bigger. Hence the birth of his second album. "THE P.A.R.T.Y." . The Party is a acronym for : The Poetic Album Representing The Youth. in was this album where Keanu had pushed his music to new boundaries he never has before. "I really loved creating this album. the beats, the writing process, everything about it I loved. Even more so now completing the second one makes me appreciate the First album even more. if it wasn't for the first one there would be no second one. Still there is room for improvement, I believe. An artist is never done growing, that right there is art within itself, like a caterpillar, to a butterfly, & those moments in between when you're in the cocoon or chrysalis is when you grow the most. " Since the release of THE P.A.R.T.Y. Keanu has shared the stage with Paul Wall, Gucci Mane, NLE Choppa, Jack Harlow, and so on. " I have dreams you know, but I also have a purpose, just like anyone else on this earth, and my part in the machine, is this. this is me. I only ever had two choices & it was Now or Never, what would you chose ?.

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