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Mc Sof, O' Rep', Dr. Ketamer - "PE MADAM EP"

PE MADAM EP of the Neapolitan trio Mc Sof - O'Rep - Dr.Ketamer

A 100% Neapolitan project formed by the rapper duo Mc Sof and O'Rep (by Repererrorerepper) and by the dj producer Dr.Ketamer gave birth to a recording work entitled PE MADAM EP released for the KML label

Dr. Ketamer, taking advantage of his past experience as a DJ in underground dance events brings to the group those old school sounds that are appropriate to the artistic duo, still wringing an eye to the dance floor dear to him. The duo takes oxygen from the new experience outside the Italian borders and proposes a rap out of the old Neapolitan patterns to which it was linked by tightening, even connections overseas, as witnessed by the current and forthcoming collaborations. The poetics of the album remains the same as the Repererrorerepper project: being the two boys of the passionate graffiti writers, they have long shared the love for the graphics of palindromi names, as suggested by the name of their initial project and which remains as a concept for the choice of all the titles of the pieces including that of the album itself: PE MADAM EP.

In addition to satisfying the palindrome concept, the title wants to refer to various "Madams". In fact, on the cover we see the "Madam tussaud" which has now become one of the iconic buildings in Amsterdam, where the entire album was recorded in the Hal5 studio. But ADAM is also a nick name of Amsterdam itself. While still on the cover we see the other reference to the "madama" as the police are sometimes called in the jargon. 7 hiphop tracks and a bonus drum'n'bass on this EP that in addition to the CD and digital is also released in vinyl version. Yes, in fact fans who buy the vinyl will find 7 tracks rap on one side at 33 rpm, while only one track D'n'B on the B side at 45 rpm, but if some curious should send at 33 rpm, would find that is nothing but the instrumental of the first track sent faster! Definitely a nice bonus for the DJs and how much they delight in playing with the dishes. The other 7 tracks touch a bit 'all the classic ropes of rap.

Starting from the first track Attici di città, which has been made a video clip that has passed in a few days 10,000 views, which has a fairly aggressive cut and wants to be a bit 'the front of the album, we move to the second E if he has plebe it is not a beautiful country (feat. Cuba Cabbal) which shows off a great character of the Italian underground culture Cuba Cabbal as already mentioned, and while maintaining an aggressive beat already moves on more funk sounds. 

The third song is a tribute to the culture of hiphop at 360 degrees with a simple beat and classic flavor, a safe magnet for the faithful of the genre. It is capable of a jubilation of making music to feel good, the exaltation of artistic creation and lots of good vibes: the music becomes lighter and the voices are more relaxed.

We arrive at the fifth track where after so much lightness they let themselves go too much, so much that Hai boredom h? talk about when you do not want to do anything and we risk drowning in total laxity. In Alunno or anything from the lax we drown in school memories and a parallel emerges between the life that awaits a model pupil and that of one who has already intended to abandon it. The EP ends with E divide and becomes even more intimate and fades away letting us reflect on how in an era in which we virtually share everything, in reality we can not share anything anymore. PE MADAM EP was released on 1 June produced by KML.

Tracklist: 1. City penthouses 2. And if you have plebs it is not beautiful country (feat Cuba Cabbal) 3. Origins around 4. It is capable 5. Do you have boredom h? 6. Student or anything 7. And divide 8. City penthouses (D'n'B Remix)

Mc Sof

Fabio Caliendo aka "Mc Sof" is a Neapolitan boy from '79 who, since adolescence, used to practice skateboarding and graffiti, both disciplines belonging to both punk and hip hop culture. Over time he chooses the second way and with other friends dj and writer gives life in '97 to the crew "W B" (Waller Bomber). He starts to shoot and play with artists of the northern Italian hip hop scene as Dj Gruff Dj Skizo and the whole Alien Army. In 2014 he produced "Repererrorrereper" with the collaboration of O 'reppat and the instruments of Wedo beat's; in 2015 it is the turn of the album "OmississimO", with the instruments produced entirely by Oyoshe aka Oyo beat's. He currently lives in Amsterdam, where with his beatmaker (DJ) Dr Ketamer of KML and O 'Reppat will release.


Giuseppe from the Bocchetti family of the 1988 class known as "O'Reppat" began to approach the hip hop culture from the tender age of ten years impressed by the movement posse. Among his collaborations: "Repererrorrereper" album produced in 2014 with the collaboration of Mc Sof and the instruments of Wedo beat's; in 2015 "Campo pé Nun Murí" track 12 Album - 2015 "Psycho Sadix" O'Reppat feat sadix "blasted life" O'Reppat currently lives in occupied places in Naples and between work (construction, catering) and artecollabora with (Dj) Dr. Ketamer of KML and Mc Sof in the production "Pè Madam EP", which as usual brings the innovation of a palindrome title.

Dr. Ketamer

Dj producer born in Naples on February 18, 1977, at the age of 20 he travels all over Europe organizing shows of juggling and fire, especially in the rave party. Since 2000 he collaborates and plays with different soundsystems. In 2017 he began to produce new beats for Mc Sof, founded the KML label, changed the name from DJ Ketamer to dr. Ketamer and organizes a concert to inaugurate the label with Rockness Monster and Lord Digga, a pair of sacred monsters of the New York underground boom boom, and his two new artists, Mc Sof and O'Reppat. He throws himself headlong into the realization of the next EP of his two cubic meters, for the release of which he organizes a concert with Cuba Cabbal and Ruste Juxx guests.


The label comes from a long experience, in the forefront across Europe and beyond, behind impressive sound and in the organization of self-produced gathering events with the pursuit of a single passion, Music. The label aims to produce, promote and support, with all its strength, the artists in its orbit. KML stands for Klan Muzik Lab, or the clan's music workshop or even to be understood as 3 elements. The clan (seen as a group of artists) the Music (the glue) and the Laboratory (the place of scientific / artistic creation.

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