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MC Cri$i$ Presents New Project Called “Cri$i$ Pandemic”

Notice how the “momentum of this artist is changing the game with his creative content & videos that are like no other. His name is MC Cri$i$ & you need to know now and always he is never going to give up his momentum for anything. Also known as mr. “coldshoulder” mr. “goto”. He base his music on how he feels and the situations in one’s life experience. He is from staten island new york the forgotten boro that gets slept on. This artist created his own island called crisis island. You can find his music everywhere on platforms like applemusic spotify youtube amazonmusic iheartradio tidal  soundcloud & audiomack etc. In addition, follow him on social media ig: @mc_crisis @crisismusiktv @crisis_island @crisispromo twitter: @mccrisis2 tiktok: mc_crisis2. Five mixape/ep, 2 albums & 13 videos is cold. You can tell he is developing into a superstar as you listening & watch his music from the beginning til now & still more to come in the near future. When you follow crisis island you see on social media new ways of trolling. The logic behind it is a great marketing scheme for everyone to get a piece of the pie because the artist came up with a way to show you that you can troll by showing respect instead of disrespect. Mr. go to videos on youtube (Crisismusiktv) dont have much b roll cause no one else is doing it. There’s a snippet freestyle too thats live where its edited like a real music video called “whats poppin” and its a test to caught the eye of the beholder so you can feel the real life moment. Mr. coldshoulder believes we are all made equally but when u dont treat others like how you want to be treated then you get hit with the coldshoulder. Next project will be called #everybodyvsme & the single off that is called “zone” which is the best basketball song in the world. The purpose of the basketball song is to help get players hype with the mindset of get ur head in the game focusing the discipline of the game that teaches you how to experience what you do on and off the court. With that said now you know this artist is pure and thats hard to find in life for really.

Check Out 'Cri$i$ Pandemic'' on the following links:

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