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Peace.My name is Laroque and I am a poet, songwriter, musician, and rapper from Brooklyn New York. Grew up in the 90's where the entire world was a budding music scene. My influences range from Madonna, Dave Matthews, Natalie Merchant, to Redman, Fugees, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, and Outkast. The inspiration behind my music is more spiritual than it is a need to assert my identity in a world where were all driven by self importance. Grew up in church and read a wide range of material, as a result my art is heavily informed by biblical themes and leitmotifs. This song in particular is about my need to remind my peers sharing the planet with me at the present moment that you have intrinsic value and you should never put another human on a pedestal. We are all here for a divine purpose. What makes me unique is I add these reals of thought to my art without preaching to anyone. Peace. Be fruitful.Be cultivated by my offering.






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