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Timeline By Kh1 addresses a common problem in his generation, living life through an Instagram timeline. This song was created through a process of deep reflection on the times we live in currently. People often place their lives on social media to prove a certain level of status or showcase accomplishments. This leads to a whirlwind of people ignoring what matters in reality which puts their day to day lives on hold for an Instagram timeline. This problem is prominent in all demographics across America which Kh1 wanted to bring to the forefront. Addressing this issue with various melodies, catchy sounds, and relatable lyrics allows a listener to reflect upon their own life while listening. Being “Caught up in your insta” as Kh1 states is the mantra of the song which is repeated in the hook. This song is a piece of Kh1 and allows a listener to learn lessons while peering into the life of an 18 year old perspective of the social voids in this country. Kh1 will have a project dropping soon, but check out Timeline and other singles he has released below.

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