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I8-year-old Michael Johnson Jr., better known professionally by his stage name, KG Finesses was born into the game. Growing up in Central Islip Long Island, New York City, his primary influence — his father — was involved in the industry. As he fondly recalls, "I can't remember living [in a house] without a full recording studio in it and countless studio sessions lasting well into the morning."

From sitting, watching, and learning as a child he became fascinated, and when he was 14, he gave it a go in the booth; the rest, as they say, is history. Once confident about his raw talent — and drive to succeed — his father formed a duo with him and his cousin M-Lyve; the rap group Toxic Crusaders was born. They went on to collaboratively release two singles: "Heavy Rotation" and "Go A Head," a solo record that made its way to, the authority on what's next up in hip-hop.

The duo rode that wave for about a year; then the Litefeet dance movement touched down on the street of NYC. KG and his cousin were drawn in instantly and lost themselves in the craze.

Losing focus on the rapping for about three years until the dance movement died down, his father encouraged him to revisit his first passion; once again, he found himself back in the booth. The internal flame was ignited — and this time, it wouldn't cease to shine brightly. One of the gems that were created during these reenergized and refocused studio sessions is the current single "#Puteminline," a drill inspired turn-up track geared towards the youthful party crowd.

It was the first [official] single off of mixtape Pain In Me. While his early releases fit - and were better classified — in the drill category, KG is quick to note his versatility. "I just spit real life event and facts over backing tracks that move me; It could be drill vibe today and J Cole style music tomorrow. You'll just have to wait and see." He's quick to point out that he's from NYC — "We are the melting pot of music and anything goes." As of recently, he's received some important social media consigns, further adding interest and credibility to the brand he's building for him

•Cosign from Instagram sensation Queenzflip (Quite Room, URL) 7,406k views; •Instagram video consign from west coast battle rapper Daylt (URL, total slaughter, KTOD) 2,449k views; •Instagram video consign from female Battle rapper Jaztherapper (URL, Queen of the ring) 1,659k views; •Instagram video post and cosign from Rachetpeoplemeet 14.2k views; •Video repost by Hipwiki with over 82,000 subscribers; and •Review by F.T.S Music's YouTube channel with over 30,000 Subscribes. KG Finesses has a strong team, a good drive, and a youthful charisma that's helping to propel his name and grow his fan base on a daily basis. He's a star in the making; keep your eyes on him

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