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Ken$hii Blakk - "Leak Szn Vol 1. Act 1 Intro to 3500"

Ken$hii Blakk is back with another hit project titled “Leak Szn Vol.1 Act 1 Intro to 3500”. The up and coming artist from New York is someone to be on the lookout for, whether you are a casual Hip-Hop fan or you are a record label scouting talent give this tape a listen. Ending summer in style, the 9 song Album is only a glimpse into the vast catalog of music Ken$hii Blakk has in the vault.

As we begin the fall new music is dropping left and right, but so much of modern day Hip-Hop sounds the exact same. It is incredibly refreshing to hear unique qualities and characteristics that you don't get from so many mainstream artists. “Dice Game !” being the intro Is how you want to start a project with this amount of energy. One of my other favorites is of course “PainATP” which had to make the cut for the Album! Go stream + share the album, link below. Keep an eye out for more new music and videos coming very soon from the New York powerhouse Ken$hii Blakk.

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