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Pillow Talk Promises playfully pokes fun at the lies we tell in the bedroom- to ourselves and to others.

“Pillow Talk Promises is for anyone who’s ever been told a pretty lie and chose to believe it because it felt good, then regretted it later... but maybe did it again anyway...” says Kelly.

About Kelly Paige

Singer. Rapper. Songwriter. Meet Kelly Paige, the introverted, hopelessly-hopeful songwriter with a penchant for dark humor and satire, and her irreverent alter-ego, Cherry (who you will meet a little later in 2021) the overly confident, unaffected rapper chick with something to say and isn’t afraid to say it. No matter who's on stage, one thing is for sure, her undeniable gift for music is a bright spot in the crowded field of pop music. It’s already been a journey that spans the globe, and she’s just getting started.

Born in Greenville, SC, Kelly grew up traveling the world with her Zimbabwe native parents. From South Africa to South Carolina, Florida to Kansas, with stops in Nashville and London along the way, her experiences from each place she’s lived have shaped who she is as a person and as an artist.

Drawing on the sometimes confusing and painful experiences of a childhood in motion, Kelly began writing at 13 and by 16 she was a regular performer in honky-tonks, honing her singing chops and performing her original songs. She pushed her writing skills further at Belmont University in Nashville but ultimately left behind her country music roots in order to explore other genres.

Self-described as #genrefluid, her goal has always been to re-introduce satire, humor, and depth into pop music whether that’s as the introspective and vulnerable Kelly Paige or her sassy, invulnerable alter ego.


Instagram: @KellyPaigeMusic

Twitter: @kellypaigemusic

Facebook: Kelly Paige Music

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