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JFayzo Presents Offical Music Video To Brand New Single, ''BOA''

Jimmy Faison was born and raised in Goldsboro NC January 7,2000.Jimmy growing up as child didn’t have it easy as some kids . Life for him had its ups and it’s downs some days were good some were bad, but he always managed to make it through those tough times.Jimmy’s biggest influence was his Mom.Seeing his Mom struggle trying to pay the bills and bring food into the house was really a hassle. Sometimes his Mom would have to bring out of date food from the church just to make ends meet. During that period it was very hard for jimmy so he really turned to something positive . Music was jimmys escape goat his freedom to do what he needed to express himself .Music to Jimmy was like entering a whole new world ,his world actually JFayzo’s world .Jfayzo is like the other side to Jimmy Faison . Jfayzo is the artist ,songwriter, producer,hustler. Jfayzo makes things happen when they need to happen . Jfayzo very first performance gig was in Indianapolis at the Indy got talent show . Jfayzo made it happen . Jfayzo wasn’t alone in this journey either he also had a couple of friends on his songs Dollaz and Hubbo . A lot has happened for Jfayzo and he definitely know a lot more great things are awaiting to come. But ,Jfayzo’s number one thing to accomplish in this music industry is to just tell his story about his life the struggle the hustle the grind the troubles he had to face in life in order to be Jfayzo. His biggest goals for his future is to make sure his family is taken care of and living fabulous.

Check out ''BOA'' by Jfayzo:

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