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Famous Pop Artist from Melbourne Xena East Has Released Her Brand New Single ‘By Your Side’ with Emotive Vibes Captured to Her Listeners

Xena East is from Australia. She performs music with incredible skill. She is a talented mental health practitioner Dog Psychologist for dealing with aggressive canines, but also a pop singer. Self-taught musician Xena East is most known for her songs, which are often inspired by her rocky background, private struggles, and difficulties in love and relationships. First Love, Lonely, Because of You, Can't You See, Flash Light, Closer and For Us are a few of her well-known songs.


The song ‘By Your Side’ is a typical pop tune. A sluggish harmonic rhythm is used in the song's composition by Xena East. This song's gap is filled by the guitar tune that Xena East has contributed. After hearing this music, a certain person's emotions are triggered. This music has the ability to soothe people down.


The song's title ‘By Your Side’ alludes to becoming fascinated with a specific person. The message of the song is to support the individual through their entire life and beyond. The lyrics bumped out genuine emotions. This song is entirely devoted to someone special. The words portray a one-sided love. A person can bear any unpleasant circumstances and can be passionately enamored with her special one, but she still wanted to remain with them as a reward. This love tale is entirely one-sided.



Do you remember

I’ve always want to be

For you and me forever

I just want to be with you

Do you answer

The close to my heart

Do you know what

I been waiting for you


This section embodies the desire to be successful throughout the rest of one's life. Her special one was informed by someone that she just wanted to stay with them. She wants to be with them but is prepared to face any storm. This section of the song effectively depicts the sentiments. It may be termed to be a fans favorite.


Cuz baby you

Were the only

One that’s there for me

I just want to

Be by your side

I just want to

Be by your side


She only has one person that is very near to her heart, as this section indicates. And only she exists. Nobody can occupy the space she created for her girlfriend. She only desired to be by her side. She has all the power, but she chooses to be at her side. Similar to one-sided love. The girl yearned for her girlfriend's affection but was unsuccessful.


Xena East released three well-received studio albums: My Endless Love in 2022, Never Let Me Go in 2022, and her debut Stay Beautiful Queens in 2020. Two of her best songs, For Us and Flash Light, have seen great success on the Singles AUS Chart. Her most recent song, ‘I Never Knew’, which will serve as a reminder of the pain of love to listeners, was featured on The Magazineplus of Xena East for her melodious voice on her new song ‘I Never Knew’ Will Remind the Audience of the Pain of Love. She currently has over 7K Facebook followers and more than 25K subscribers on Youtube and over 6k followers on Tiktok and 55k followers on Instagram which shows her rocket-fueled popularity. The song “By Your Side” is now available on Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, for free streams and all platforms, and to check her out now give this artist a follow for her amazing songs.

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