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[Exclusive] NY Up And Coming Artist Franco Drops Another Video "Missed Call"

Just a young man with an extreme passion for creating content. Born in Haiti, grandfather moved his children and grandchild (me!) to America when I was 3 years old. Despite growing up in a single parent household, Fernely managed to find joy in his dark days watching cartoons and annoying his friends in the neighborhood making weird voices. He got into making music in high school after discovering his friends thought he was extremely weird. Writing, music, crating became an outlet when no one was around. Now a Syracuse University Alum he sets out to do just that, create content. Not to mention, he ditched his peers in his major and spent more time with the film students. He even turned down a job in his field to follow his passion.

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Insta: @FernelyDurand
Twitter: @o_onlychildsynd And @FernelyDurand

Cameraman: Ryan Doody
Beat by: Lorenzo Maldonado
Editor(s): Fern Durand and Ryan Doody

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