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[Exclusive] Music’s New Duo (Sir Lit And Kawasi) Are Back With opiOids!

With the release of opiOids, Sir Lit
(@sir.lit) and Kawasi (@kawasimusic),
have released the second single off
of their upcoming EP, “Flowers.”
Flowers is a music project that
chronicles the duos experience
through drugs, which are referred
to as flowers.

The Flowers EP is aimed to raise
awareness not promote drug use.
In fact, the Flowers EP, will
be giving 20% of all profits
from the project to help
promote positive Mental
Health and Substance Abuse
addiction. Partnering with
SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and
Mental Health Services
Administration); they have
placed the help hotline on
the album cover for anyone
struggling with these issues.
The first flower picked was,
Marry Jane, released on
04/20/2020, and has already
garnered hundred of thousands
streams world wide with an
incredible video to match,
found on YouTube.

OpiOids is the second flower picked and is
an open book on the day to day activities
one faces while on Opiate pills. The songs
catchy hook and soul undertone is sure to
have you moving your feet while seeking
much needed introspection. Written by
both Kawasi Weston and Miguel “Sir Lit”
Alanis, opiOids will be sure to start
a much needed conversation about drug
use and the stigma that comes
with using them.

On opiOids, Sir Lit has a classic flow full
love, honesty and self worth. Kawasi adds
soul and conviction that will have you
hooked from beginning to end; his voice
is sure to heal while it soothes. These
best friends are set to release the visual
for the song in the coming weeks via their
YouTube Page. OpiOids is sure to have
you looking out for what’s to come
from these fearless truth tellers
of pain, passion and love.

Follow them on Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music,
YouTube, and anywhere you view or stream music.

Stream opiOids:

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