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[Exclusive] Interview With Salem, Massachusetts Talented Artist J Flex

1. Q: What is your name?
A: My name is Johnny Lugo aka J Flex.

2. Q: Would you rather have 50k in cash or a perfect credit score?
A: I’d rather have a perfect credit score because its worth more than 50k.

3. Q: Who is your favorite producer?
A: My favorite producer has to be Kanye West.

4. Q: Are you a touring artist or a recording artist?
A: As of right now I’m a recording artist.

5. Q: Have you ever thought about quitting music?
A: I could never quit creating music writing in general.

6. Q: Favorite era of music?
A: Favorite era of music oh man all the old school I mean all!

7. Q: Do you plan on traveling?
A: Yes I plan on traveling the world. One of the reasons I moved to Miami.

8. Q: Are you independent artist or signed to a label?
A: Im a independent artist.

9. Q: What was the most memorable concert and did you perform at it?
A: I had to perform at a festival in Providence, Rhode Island in 2012 in-front of over 15,000 people that was amazing.

10. Q: What was the biggest challenge that you had to over come during your music career?
A: My biggest challenge has always been where I used to live. Boston is not a music state I realized and moved to Miami.

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My IG - @j_flex
My clothing brand IG - @just_flexing_tv
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