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DJ Necterr x Tory Lanez x Tasman Holloway - On The Way

DJ Necterr x Tasman HollowWay x Tory Lanez - On The Way (cover)

Just days after the news of having the number one song in the country, singer/rapper Tory Lanez linked up with celebrity DJ Necterr and Washington rapper Tasman Holloway to put out this crazy tune. Less like "Say It" more like his "Diego" flow. This song is one to amp you up during your day. With Tory Lanez currently touring the country doing shows and gymnastic like acrobatics during his performances. Climbing walls, jumping from two floors up and tight walking his audience. DJ Necterr doing topless Dj performances across the country showing off his professional training like physique and Tasman Holloway with his unique style and stage swagger. This is one of those songs we can see topping the charts 2016.

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