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Darryl J - Hustlin So Long - Suckas Cant Join Submitted

Darryl J Hot new single Hustlin So Long represents today what a lot of people have felt when you have been hustling to get to a certain point for a long time and the struggles with trying to achieve the “Dream”.



Darryl J releases Kentucky Kush 3 a follow-up on his highly successful Kentucky Kush series that Darryl J has branded. Kentucky Kush 3 is by far the best of the Kentucky Kush series. Kentucky Kush 3 is a melodic tone of music with memorable hooks that brings the listener into a cloud of fresh music. Darryl J has expanded his music to now reach a larger audience by adding smoother songs like "Come Thru" & "Hustlin So Long" to Kentucky Kush 3, a sound for this time in music by using Auto-tune for some hooks on the album. Darryl J’s  Kentucky Kush will resonate with fans for the diversity involved in the music. Kentucky Kush 3 is a roller-coaster of the Highs and the Lows Darryl J has went through along his rap career. From his legal issues, along with issues of a relationship and being in the streets, Darryl J tells how he gets through those situations in a musical tone.

 Darryl J follows up Kentucky Kush 3 with a list of premier features like Sy Ari Da Kid, 21 Savage, Hot Sheezy, and J-Mon the Don to help bring out the Southern beginnings of his Rap career.  Each song Darryl J brings you into a different element of his life and how he deals with those situations. Darryl J is set to have an impressive year with the release of Kentucky Kush 3. Recently he just took management with Suckas Cant Join from the Midwest to help expand and broaden his reach to fans. Go check out Kentucky Kush 3 and be on the lookout for Darryl J releases as he becomes a SuperStar in 2016.   


Twitter:  @SuckasCantJoin - @DarrylJMusic,



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