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Chubb Rock and Wordsmith Drop Bridging the Gap Joint Project

Wordsmith has a big 2009 in the works. Go Digital Entertainment will be distributing Golden Era MC Chubb Rock and Wordsmith's joint effort "Bridging the Gap" along with Unruly/Koch Records to handle physical product.

Chubb Rock added "The Bridging the Gap album has to be one of the most creative projects I have ever had the honor of being involved in. I think I represented the Golden Era very well and though Wordsmith represents the new school, he has such a great knowledge and approach to his lyrics as well as his spirit on the whole album."

Bridging the Gap will set the table for Wordsmith, who has a collaboration album with a UK based artist and his solo album dropping later this year. Chubb Rock's fanbase and legendary status will expose him to new audiences. Wordsmith commented on the album by saying: "Chubb could have chosen a hot signed artist or just drop a brand new solo album first, but he wanted to make his return to the game through the collab project we did instead."

Look for the album to hit the digital airwaves and stores 2nd Quarter 2009.

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