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Check Out Relli Rok Omega Is The Next Big Thing From The West Coast!

Relli Rok Omega

You on Me


Have you heard of Relli Rok Omega? Well you should! He is the protege of music legend Quincy Jones and has finally made a return to music with his latest single "You On Me".

Relli Rok Omega is based in Lancaster, Ca. making headlines for his recent signing to SOM Music/Sony. Lately for this artist he has been turning up at local venues in the So Cal area as he prepares for his debut concert in Lancaster on Nov. 14, 2015 at Midnight Banquet Hall.

From rapper to actor this artist is a well rounded entertainer setting the scene for 2016's Hip Hop era. California is known for many greats and now Relli Rok Omega, will be earning his way into the same league as many others who came before him.

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