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Bemad llc Exclusive Interview (Part I

In the late 1980's when the music world was being transformed, entrepreneur Darrio Green formed , FULANI. Inc an innovative and revolutionary company. With the music industry growing and dance music making its move into the main stream, there was a void in the area of professional management for new artists, especially where DJ and producers were concerned so with the help of his brother they decided to get involved in the development of the artist, herefore, establishing Business Entrepreneurs Making A Difference ( bemad llc ) .
So in his own words The Chef is going to let Darrio give us a little information about his company then we have talk about what's going on with his business.

Darrio - It has been a long and exciting journey, to get to the point were we can provide a service to uplift our community. Bemad don't hate, we're all about bringing change to the game and creating a legacy for future generations. The Green Machine is here, show some love. At the moment we are working on a project with our associate Mr. Harvis William whos the producer of the Lion King project. This project is more of a family project which you can go and check out at ( Artists Joe Lee McCoy whos from Tupelo, MS and now lives in Houston, TX. His album was released on 9/26 ,called Natural. You also can check him out at www.myspace/joeleemccoy and on youtube for video. We're also working with another R&B artist from Tupelo, MS named Sky Shelton. You can go and check him out on www. myspace/skyshelton and on youtube.

The Chef - Darrio I want to start off again by saying thank you for allowing me to interview you for our magazine.

Darrio - No, Let me thank you for allowing me to grace your magazine.

The Chef - In your bio - you give a shout out to Joe lee McCoy and Sky Shelton are these two of your main stable mates .

Darrio - Oh yeah, I'm excited for my man Joe Lee McCoy, he has been out there grinding for a while. You can expect big things from this artist on this project, he really took his time and put his foot in the mix. Now Sky is another artist that has been out there grinding in the Houston and Nashville market. We are currently working on his next project that is due out sometime next year.

The Chef - So tell my readers about the music we will be hearing from these guys .

Darrio - Be on the look-out for some good ole Neo-Soul and bluesy R&B funk.

The Chef - So Joe's album drops in September tell us what we can expect from this album .

Darrio - Be on the look-out for some Acoustic and good ole down home soul music.

The Chef - So Darrio how did you find your way into the business .

Darrio - The music business has always been in my blood. As long as I can remember it's been music.

The Chef - You say that its all about bringing change to the game and creating a legacy for future generations how do you plan on going about that .

Darrio -My primary goal is to put music in the message. By encouraging the artist to follow their hearts and step out on faith, and not be afraid to put their energy in the business side of the business.

The Chef - So tell me about the Lion King Project

Darrio - It's a nation wide movement with its focus on the various genres of dance and the artist that provide the music.

The Chef - What kind of advice would you would you give a artist that's trying to break into the business.

Darrio -The best advice I can give, an up and coming artist, is to be persistent and stay humble and do not let any steal your dream.

Stay tuned for Part II of this interview here at DV8 Weekly.

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