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Gifts come in many shapes and forms. Some you can’t tell what they are until you unwrap them and get a chance to see what’s inside. ArtoFact the Lamborghini Angel is just that. A Gift. When you open up to listening to this exotic artist paint pictures with his music, you get a truthful and honest painting of this worlds truth, both where it is, and where it’s going. As he states “It’s the same information that was given to me, it gives you life, gimme time you will see…OK”. The Definition Of It is an introduction to you being able to hear today's theme music thru God's ears and see things thru God’s Eyes. The Art of Facts is how The Lamborghini Angel choses to convey this honest message, All parts being both good and bad. We are all imperfect but hear is a perfect opportunity to change things for the better. How can we know for sure if he’s the real deal? Listen. He’s begun to explain the Definition of it all.


Lamboangel100 @instagram

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