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All Ace Entertainment Presents "Howdy"

Kuntry Rap King Jon Wayne has been making what he calls, “Urban Rural” Music for over a decade now. In this period of time he has been able to achieve recognition from various main stream artist and producers. He has maintained his current success through his consistency and durability in such a steady evolving music industry. His influences range from Tom Petty & Travis tritt, to Eminem & 2pac.

Jon Wayne (Real Name) grew up in the rural parts of the country in Augusta, GA. In between his time in the backroads, he also spent part-time living with his father in the city. Through these two different experiences, Wayne has created a way to unite these two worlds together. He is truly a new, real, fresh and original artist in the music game.

In addition to the release of his mixtape “Comeback Power” & currently pushing his new hit single “Howdy,” he is also performing at festivals, clubs and mud parks around the southeast. Wayne is looking to jump on a major tour as well as shoot his next music video for his project titled, “letter to my ex”. He is also starring in his own reality show, set to debut in early 2018. He is definitely determined to achieve Greatness. Be on the lookout in 2018 because there’s a Urban Cowboy who will “Howdy” his way to the top!

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