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Jonathan Hunter (born september 10th, 1986), better known by his stage name “AFTA”, is a recording artist, battle rapper, and songwriter from Bakersfield ca. AFTA started his music is career in 2005. Recording and songwriting eventually led into becoming a well respected and seasoned Mc in battle rap starting in 2009. Making his way up the ranks in battle rap, AFTA now has 30+ battles under his belt and has managed to earn his way to step in the ring in many different battle leagues. Some of his greatest achievements in battle rap had led him to perform on the biggest battle rap league platforms to showcase his talent. Battling on URL (universal rap league) the biggest Battle rap league in the United states to battling on K.O.T.D stages as well. Two of the biggest battle rap leagues in the culture today. AFTA released his debut solo album “Something you can feel” in 2014. The album was a perfect blend of West coast/boom bap beats and lyrical punch lines as well as story telling lyrics. Since then he has released numerous features and singles with artists alike in the west coast region, including a brand new EP titled No Hard Feelings. With massive energy, dope lyrics and a heavy catalog of achievements  AFTA is sure to bring quality material every where he goes. Having performed in many stages on the whole west coast as well as Alaska, he is sure to bring a memorable performance on any stage. Currently working on new music and booking battles, AFTA remains active and proves to excel in all that he does. 

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