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Started out free styling with friends eventually just got some basic recording equipment at guitar center and would link up with friends and freestyle and mess around. I attempted to make beats but that was short lived and One day I was like ima try and actually write something instead of freestyling. It took a lot of trial and error but eventually I made something I was somewhat proud of and thought was “fire” lmao. I recorded it on my labtop and dropped it on SoundCloud only at the time. This is around 2017. I had no clue what I was doing I just thought it was fire and I wanted people to hear it. This was a milestone to me though mainly because at this point and time I was satisfied with what I made and recorded, I hadn’t felt that with anything I scratched the MONTHS before that. No joke there was another song in the middle between all that that I was happy with but it wasn’t really the sound I was looking for. Fast forward 4/20/2018 im at a friends house high as hell and I wrote the song I sent you to promote “Late Night” and I recorded it 1am 4/21/2018
I was so hype when I wrote this I called my boy and producer and was like is anything available tonight ?! Lol this song got the most positive feedback at the time and ended up being my top performing song on most of my platforms. It’s also considered the foundation that built my signature sound or the tone I use when I make music since then I’ve branched towards a few different sounds but it’s all based off this song that helped me find that. If it wasn’t for “Late Night” there wouldn’t be an AceSpadez I was so close to getting fed up with not making music fast enough lol.

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