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DV8 Weekly Exclusive Interview w/ C-Loc - 512

DV8 Weekly Exclusive Interview w/ C-Loc by: The Chef
He has gained recognition and developed a fan base by performing at shows throughout Texas and Arkansas.

His music is all over the map in regards to music sites which would be too numerous to list. He is featured in as the only unsigned artist side by side with major artist. He has won several showcase competitions in Houston.

His single “I Look Good With Me” is being played on 98.5 The Beat in San Antonio, TX

He is currently working with one of the hottest producers, Grammy award winner, Ace 1; whose credits include Frankie J, Shaggy, Brian McKnight, Intocable, Sin Bandera, Dj Kane, Mya, Christina Milian, Baby Bash, Natalie, Big Gemini, Jady and many other.

So to all the music fans out there The Chef wants to introduce to you the smooth talking C-Loc 512.

The Chef: I want to start by welcoming C-Loc to Spice Corner for this interview.

C-Loc: Thank you! It is my pleasure to be here.

The Chef: There are a lot of up and coming rappers coming out of Texas you, The Grit Boys and a few others but all of you guys sound is somewhat different why is that?

C-Loc: Well, I think everyone is trying to do their own thing now and stand out. I'm trying to not be like everyone else and keep my music somewhat 'clean' and radio ready.

Music that anyone at any age can hear and enjoy....tap their foot, bop their head....know what I mean?

The Chef : There are a lot of rappers out there now what makes your sound of music any better than what’s out there now?

C-Loc: I think it has to do with the production. A producer can take you places you never thought you could reach. Great producers can guide you and offer advice as opposed to those that just get you in the studio and record you just for the money not realizing that their name is attached to the production of the song. And if the song sounds 'crappy' well that makes them 'crappy' to work with. Ace 1 is great to work with. We have good chemistry and he can sure put out some bangin' tracks! Many artists out there in a hurry to get an album done quick....well...doesn't really work well that way. Take time with your beat! Don't rush.

The Chef : so you are saying to us when your C D drops to expect a different sound, explain yourself?

C-Loc: Well, the music is a bit different. It has rhythm. I tend to ride the beat at times

The Chef : So tell me about your new single (I look good with me) what is it about and what inspired you to write it?

C-Loc: LOL! Although it may sound like it's an ego trip song, it's about not hatin' on each other. Feel comfortable with 'you.' Disregard the talk...and as they say....'do ya damn thang' and look good out there! A lot of artists disregard the fact that a lot of kids are listening to all the 'beef' out there! Watch ya mouth! Kids listening and observing! We need to do better at leading by set a good example! It might keep a few kids out of trouble and out of the 'system'.

The Chef: I notice you talk a lot about the children that’ s a real good thing if you could do something for them what would it be?

C-Loc: I would do shows that would bring in money for the children in shelters. Toy Drives and food drives during Christmas and other holidays. If I could I would take children shopping that couldn't afford school items, clothes as well. I would tell them not to give up on hopes and dreams. And also tell them to stay in school for sure! Can't really do much without an education.

The Chef: You have been rapping for some time now, what do you do when you’re not rapping, what do you enjoy?

C-Loc: I enjoy spending quality time with my son. (2 years old) But to tell you the truth, music and lyrics are always on my mind

The Chef: How hard has it been trying to pursue this dream after your basketball career ended?

C-Loc: Whewww!'s a cut throat game! Lots of competition for sure. You gotta stay on track all the time. Because there is always someone better than you out there...stay on your grind. One thing for sure though...I'm not taking any short cuts. I'm gonna do this right.

The Chef: Who does C-Loc like as an artist Jay-Z, Nas, Rick Ross?

C-Loc: Hmmm....well Chamillionaire comes to mind. Then of course Tupac, The Game, Lupe Fiasco and several others

The Chef: Are you planning on branching out and doing some producing or just plan on the rapping part of the business?

C-Loc: Naw....big props to all producers out way I would attempt to do that. But I am branching out into the film industry. I auditioned for a movie and believe it or not...I got a part! Thanks to my manager for having so much faith and confidence in me. She set it up. I didn't even know it until one day she said 'by the way, you are auditioning this weekend for a spot in a movie' and there I go! The movie, Married Men and Single Women' is an indie film being produced by Stevie Dee (Flavor Flav's brother) and will start filming in October of this year (2008) in Houston, TX. Comedian Shawn Harris will be in the movie as well. It is a comedy/drama. It will be a Blockbuster movie and also pushing for the big screen. I'm really looking forward to the experience.

The Chef: Well I see you are multi-tasking and you also have a good manager behind you, I need one of those myself, will acting over power your music career or are you Will Smith in the making?

C-Loc: LOL!! Will Smith!.......naw man! I could never compare myself to such a tremendously talented rapper/actor. But I do hold on to my own dreams and aspirations. I love music and more than likely, that's where I'll stay. Not to say I would not do movies....yes, I would do another movie!

The Chef: You're now working with super producer ACE 1 tell our readers what you two are working on?

C-Loc: We are currently working on my next single...haven't named it in progress ;) This song is more of a club/dance song.

The Chef:Now if I had to Cater your press party what would I be cooking for C-Loc for this event?

C-Loc: My favorite is Spaghetti and meatballs! LOL!! Ok.....well.....Italian food.

C-Loc512 is a hot new up and coming Rap/Hip Hop artist from the 210/512 area. His single “I Look Good With Me” is being played on 98.5 The Beat in San Antonio, TX., So if you can try to check it out and also watch out for his new movie ( Married Men Single Woman) Starting production next month and to find out more information about C-Loc or for shows or bookings go to: (manager-Yolanda)

I would like to take this time to thank C-Loc and his staff for this great interview. And for giving me the chance to hang out and just chill and relax as we talked about. A whole lot of good things, folks I truly think that thisman is on a mission to greatness I wish him great success.

The Handicapped Chef, Carlton Haynes is owner of Triple HCatering and Consulting service/ for more information E-mail us

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