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Connect Magazine - New Approach to Hip Hip Culture

Connect Magazine Debuts with Bun B and Roccett
Connect Magazine is published by Jameel Nadir of Flint, MI and ready to take on the challenge of mixing the major industry with the underground scene by being the premier magazine for the new generation growing up influenced by the Hip-Hop culture. The Dallas, Texas based bi-monthly publication is complete with eye catching photography, revealing stories, and fulfilling content that can not be compared to. The idea is to feature an artist with major artist status on the front cover while the back cover always features someone who is a certified representative of the independent grind in one way or another. Whether it is the latest in fashion, music, news, or technology, Connect has dedicated every page to presenting the most information with a quality approach. From the in depth interviews with artists from around the country to the music reviews, the goal to please the entire audience more with every issue and be a Connect between the urban culture and the rest of the world.

"We felt that there was a lane for us in the magazine world with our concept so it was time to execute," stated Nadir. "We decided that with the name Connect, it best represents what we want to be to our target audience and our goal to Connect with our readers and our industry counterparts."

The premiere issue of Connect invades the magazine rack with its first cover featuring Grammy nominated Bun B of UGK giving us a insight as a solo artist a second time around under different circumstances than the first with the loss of his partner, Pimp C. While on the flip side, CTE's artist Roccett gives his testimonial as a new generation star from Cali while being signed to one of the hottest labels out of the south. Also featured in the pages of this issue are articles featuring BloodRaw, Erykah Baud, YG, Joe Dean, Guilty Simpson, and Sha Money XL's One Stop Shop Producer's Conference. Don't forget to check for the Ten section featuring Sophie of "My Dougie" fame and the On The Set section which features pictures of people in the know all over the place.

Connect Magazine currently shows more info on this issue and the magazine on its website, Subscriptions are available for only $13.95, so get yours to get connected!

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