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Makin Pies with Erika and Ms. Scott

This weekend has been really good. I had our first Pie Day Friday. There will maybe soon be more feminine friends joining us on Pie Day Friday, like Erika and Ms, Scott but for the first time it was just my pies and I. The point of Pie Day Friday (yes, I realize I’ve said “Pie Day Friday” a million times already, and there’s another usage to tally up for your charts) is to make a pie, have fun while doing it, and give it away to someone. Because everyone loves pie, right? And you can just do so much with them. Like add a bunch of funky ingredients and make it really colorful. And eat it… That being said, our first Pie Day Friday (go ahead, tally it on up!) was really more theoretical than practical. We were about to leave for the grocery store when I suddenly realized it was the 8 month death date of Biggie and then I got sad and didn’t want to make pies anymore you see he was my best customer and my first superstar one at that. So, instead of being sad I started pie friday to keep peace on the streets in philadelphia where I grew up we went to go see “Waitress '' the one who introduce me to Biggie after he ate at her joint and he liked my pies and wanted to have some shipped to New York which happens to be good for me cause I was just starting out in my own business. It was Biggie who turned Erika and Ms.Scott on to my pies during that weekend of the greek picinic he was down Philly chillin at the greek Erika was performing that day and they taste his pie,they fell in love to which made my business grow .

Then on Saturday night, I had my new friends over and I made them dinner and, what else? a pie. Blackberry pie with a blackberry on top that I made out of dough. I was really proud of it and everyone look at it and tell me how beautiful it was before I cut it up. The actual pie was good, not the best, but I was still learning. That Saturday Biggie had came to talk business about a club and reataurant combined with the 24 hr pie and coffee shop oh yeah just another day in hip hop but things soon change on the west coast 7 weeks later Biggie got blown away and that tragic thing change all our lives but in his honor I dont do pies any more but I give in his name a toy drive at Christmas in our family restaurant for all the kids in need they come and eat hot dogs hamburgers and french fries, they enjoy themselves play games listen to music take some toys home and yes some pie to.

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