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Poe’Leone pursuing a music career he was basically born and was always a struggle when growing up in the worst area in Detroit , known as East Jefferson. Where the crime and dropout rates are normal statistical for the life he comes from and still is intertwined in many areas. Although he overcame a lot of obstacles and dead ends and still struggling to beat the odds he remained smart thought it all. From federal cases in numerous states he still seems to enlighten those of his kind through his music. Not Necessarily promote the streets but to be a spokesmen for his hometown. Detroit has known him to be in the music industry, doing work with every major local artist, now has became Atlanta based working with Major Producers and artist.  He is currently under Mason J Records with Christopher Starr where he is makin some major moves and has a lot in the works including the new release hit single he has entitled "Maro" produced by Shawty Fresh one of the best known producers in Atlanta which Poe' Leone works with on the regular.  
Music has always been his number one passion after his love for god, He stays sleepless nights in the studio working for his two daughter Aleesa, And Jeniah. he’s very family oriented.  Check out more of his music and follow him on his social media links for up to date music news and info on the homie Poe'Leone.


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