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John Amato aka Giovanni has so many accolades, it’s almost impossible to mention them all.

An 80s teenager, Giovanni was a dancer for the famed stage act, Sheila Escovedo (Sheila E). His rhythm is uncanny and has led to the development of his song creativity as a writer and as a performer.

Gio is genuine. He’s pure and authentic and most of all, he’s talented beyond the samples and auto tunes of today’s typical top 40 artist.

His latest EP, “Come Into My Arms”, is a strong mix of Latino-American hits that will surely move all ethnic backgrounds to disregard race, creed, or color.

His hot single, “DOWN LOW” is produced by the award winner, Michael Mani and is getting rave reviews and loads of airplay the world over; causing artists in associated genres to take a second look at their own presentations as his assembly of unique song structures take you back to when music was music and dancing in public was more than just bobbing your head.

Giovanni has joined forces with the independent rap label, UnderGround Railroad Entertainment Group(Memphis) and the publishing company, Cross Datrax (ASCAP) to bring his talents center stage.

His album also contains a Latino smash, “LA BOTELLA”, that will get any club rocking; even if you don’t speak or understand Espanol (Spanish).

His current release was handled by UREG/Record Union/Sony and is available on iTunes, Spotify, MEMPHISDONS.COM and other online stores.


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Listen to “DOWN LOW” by Giovanni on these stations around the world:

KMIX Radio Los Angeles, California USA ;


JXFM Radio Tokyo, Japan

KSPR Radio San Francisco, California USA ;


Los Angeles- KMIX Radio and KXRL Radio.

New York- WNYR Radio

Houston Texas- KHSX Radio.

Miami Florida-WMIC Radio

Chicago- WCTR Radio.

San Francisco Ca. - KSPR Power FM Radio.

Boston- KBPR Power FM Radio.


Tokyo Japan- JXFM Radio


Brazil Rio De Janeiro- WMBR Radio Sydney Australia- KEDG Radio

London United Kingdom- WLDN Radio.

Paris France-KPPR Power FM Radio

Rome Italy-KRPR Power FM Radio

Manila Philippines - KMPR Power FM Radio

KBPR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA

KPPR Radio Paris, France


KRPR Radio Rome, Italy


KMPR Radio Manila, Philippines ;


WNYR Radio New York, New York USA


WMBR Radio Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


WCTR Radio Chicago, Illinois USA


Available on Record Union/Sony/UnderGround Railroad Entertainment Group iTunes and


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