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Where Old School Meets New School – Big Paul E Unleashes Authentic Hip-Hop Magic with New Single “Looking 4 Luv”

Atlanta-based artist blends old-school bibes and new school, contemporary energy in riveting new soul-stirring anthem

ATLANTA, GEORGIA —January 20th, 2023 – In the intricate world of Hip-Hop, where authenticity often takes a backseat, Big Paul E emerges as a luminary breathing new life into the genre. The dynamic artist’s latest single, “Looking 4 Luv,” is not just a track but a testament to the profound connection he forges between the old school roots and the vibrant energy of the new school.

The genesis of “Looking 4 Luv” is a tale of collaboration and musical synergy. The track, gifted to Paul E by Dreamlife, features a dynamic verse by the legendary Ceelo Green and a soulful chorus courtesy of Prynce Lu. This collaboration of seasoned artists brings forth a melting pot of styles, creating a sonic landscape that pays homage to the authentic spirit of Hip-Hop.

Big Paul E’s journey into the realm of music began early in life, with his childhood marked by the formation of the band Music Express alongside Melvin Riley and Gordon Strozier, both notable figures from Ready For The World. Music ran in his veins, evident in his younger brother I.C. GREEN’s success in penning songs for industry giants like Whitney Houston and Usher.

Venturing into Hip-Hop, Paul E initially grappled with finding his unique voice. Experimentation led him through various trials and tribulations until he unearthed his true calling—to create music that resonates deep within the soul.

Rejecting the notion of conforming to industry expectations, Paul E started writing songs from the heart, an artistic choice that set him on a trajectory of recognition and acclaim.

“Looking 4 Luv” presents audiences with an experience that is more than music, reflecting what can be described as a manifestation of Big Paul E’s commitment to delivering Hip-Hop in its purest, most genuine form.

The artist’s lyrics, drawn from personal experiences and heartfelt emotions, transcend the ordinary and mundane, creating an immersive experience for listeners. The track’s rich tapestry is woven with beats that echo the nostalgia of old-school Hip-Hop while embracing the contemporary cadence of the new school.

“I want readers to listen to my music and determine for themselves how great it is!” affirms the artist regarding his magnetizing new music.

In a genre often characterized by flashiness, Big Paul E stands out for his dedication to realness and musical integrity. As “Looking 4 Luv” hits the airwaves, Big Paul E invites audiences to delve into a world where Hip-Hop isn’t just a genre. Rather, it forms an authentic expression of the human experience.



Big Paul E, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, is the maestro behind the microphone, crafting authentic and soul-stirring Hip-Hop that seamlessly blends the essence of old school with the energy of the new school. With a musical journey deeply rooted in family ties, Paul E’s childhood saw the formation of Music Express, a band that included Melvin Riley and Gordon Strozier of Ready For The World fame.

Surrounded by abundant musical talent, Paul E, along with his younger brother I.C. GREEN, who has penned hits for icons like Whitney Houston and Usher, developed a profound connection with music from an early age. Using the power of his craft, both artists continue to touch the hearts and minds of audiences across the world.


Big Paul E
Name: Paul Reynolds Sr
Phone: (678)735-2245



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