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VaughnBornFamous Unveils “Cali-Plug”: SoCal Culture and End of the Summer Hits

San Diego, California — If you’re craving a taste of the California lifestyle, look no further than VaughnBornFamous’s latest musical masterpiece, Cali Plug. This highly anticipated album is a true embodiment of the So Cal spirit, showcasing the best of VaughnBornFamous’s music from San Diego, California. Cali Plug features an impressive lineup of talented artists and producers, including Lukexi, Poppy, JaCobie, Supreme Bein, S.Willz, Tidow Beats, Sleepless Draco, Hackey OG, and more. Together, they bring together a unique fusion of culture, incredible melodies, and the unmistakable SoCal sound. From alternative hits like “OMY,” which incorporates rock, pop, and rap elements, to the groundbreaking house track “Monteleon,” this album truly has something for everyone. VaughnBornFamous pushes the boundaries of his artistry with “Cali-Plug,” showcasing his versatility and delivering multiple sounds with artists from all over the globe.  With over eight genres and 16 tracks, Cali Plug promises to be a thrilling musical journey, filled with end-of-summer hits that will leave everyone craving more.

A lifestyle rather than a mere mantra associated with California, Cali Plug is more than just an album – it’s a lifestyle. VaughnBornFamous invites listeners to immerse themselves in the essence of California’s vibrant culture, where good times and great music go hand in hand. With a total of 16 captivating tracks, and some VBF classics like “Rules” and “Hollywood”, this multi-genre album takes on a “wave” of emotions, each song breaking boundaries and elevating the musical experience. Prepare to be swept away by the irresistible energy and vibrant spirit that define Born Famous and the Golden State.

As a special treat, VaughnBornFamous will be releasing two visually stunning videos to accompany the album’s debut. The first video, “Unchained,” takes us to the iconic Venice Beach, California. Get a glimpse of one of Cali’s most popular hangout spots as VaughnBornFamous brings the track to life amidst the backdrop of Muscle Beach’s lively atmosphere. The music video (Now on Youtube), perfectly captures the essence of the So Cal lifestyle.

The second video, “All My Life,” features the talented Lukexi from the United Kingdom and marks another international duo for the California rockstar. Lukexi’s collaboration with VaughnBornFamous adds a unique flavor to the album’s lineup and is one of the lead singles to an array of hits.  This video takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey through VaughnBornFamous’s everyday experiences, shedding light on his personal perspective of “Californication” and the allure of the California lifestyle.

Watch “All My Life” on Youtube:

As Cali Plug gains momentum, be sure to check the official YouTube channel for VaughnBornFamous, here find the visuals for “Unchained” and “All My Life.”

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 It becomes evident that Cali-Plug is not simply a collection of songs, but a masterfully crafted piece of art. VaughnBornFamous’s attention to detail, lyrical prowess, and passion for his craft shine through in every note. Each track tells a story, weaving together elements of hip-hop, rock, punk, house, trap, R&B, and more to create a symphony of emotions.

As the sun sets on the California horizon, “Hollywood” and “NightKids” unfold as melodic masterpieces. VaughnBornFamous’s evocative lyrics paint dark vivid pictures of tranquility and SoCal nights, transporting listeners to a place where dreams become tangible.

Embracing the vibrant nightlife of the West Coast, “Forever Friday” with Hackey OG serves as an anthem for those seeking jubilant escapades. VaughnBornFamous’s dynamic delivery intertwined with the 808s, creates an infectious energy that encapsulates the essence of an unforgettable night on the town.

Imaginative storytelling intertwined with soul-stirring melodies transports us to a world where the whispers of the West Coast come to life.

Cali Plug is more than an album – it’s an experience. VaughnBornFamous’s exceptional talent shines through in each track, pulling the listener and taking them on a journey through the rich tapestry of the California landscape and lifestyle of their favorite artist. With its diverse range of genres, standout collaborations, and infectious energy, Cali Plug is a must-listen for music lovers everywhere. So, let the Cali vibes wash over you as you dive into the world of VaughnBornFamous and his new album, Cali Plug.

In addition to the mesmerizing music, Cali-Plug also offers exclusive merchandise that perfectly complements the project. Born Famous Clothing has sold-out twice already on the exclusive item and design, so don’t wait to immerse yourself in the world of VaughnBornFamous with these limited-edition Cali- Plug items, available only through the Cali-Plug experience.

Get your Cali-Plug Merchandise from VaughnBornFamous:

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VaughnBornFamous or “Born Famous” is an American singer, songwriter, film director, and producer. His dynamic verbal cadence, catchy hooks, top 40 beats, and introspective songwriting has regarded him as Pop- Rocks newest sensation and a pillar in the multi-genre industry. Fame’s discography explores stories, styles, and flows that are unconventional to modern Pop, Hip-hop, and RnB. Most songs are inspired by his personal life with topics like Loss, Love, Stardom, Party Life, and Struggle. Born and Raised in New Jersey/ New York, BornFamous began his career under the stage name Vaughn with a debut mixtape series called Natural Born Sinner which gave him much prowess over his city and the push needed for his music career. In 2021 the trap vocalist switched genres and released his first pop song, “Drifter” for the world which was an enormous success.

In 2023 VBF gears up for his Cali-Plug campaign, production of a new film,  tours, and first commercial album for 2024.


Name: Vaughnbornfamous
Phone: (973)-951-7471
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