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Touching, Fresh, And Yet Familiar Music That Connects With Audiences From Around The Globe: Ira Rosoff Releases A New Single On Valentine’s Day

“Beautiful And Real” is an amazingly relatable poetic single on the larger theme of love and its undeniable meaning in everyone’s life.

Clearwater, Florida — Ira Lawrence Rosoff is an exciting new up-and-coming artist who produces songs that connect with the common themes in everyone’s life. He is known for continuing to create music that speaks from the heart and mind. Since he has been deeply invested in music since a very young age in his life, there is seldom any musical genre that he has not been acquainted with. This sheer appreciation and love for the craft are reflected in the songs that the singer produces today.

Ira has been long a part of the musical production process, co-creating a band called ‘Wheels’ in 2003. With Christian Mathew Cullen and his enigmatic music and soulful playing style alongside James Wold a brilliant songwriter and guitarist, Ira was all set to conquer the world with their musical genius. Fate had other plans, and after severe brain damage due to an accident, the young star started to work on musical production outside of ‘Wheels’- the disbanded band.

This long tumultuous journey continues to show the young singer’s commitment to the musical cause. Despite all challenges, the singer was successful in continuing with his musical journey. This was possible due to friends’ support, especially Bo Intrator, a versatile writer and film producer, who motivated Ira to dive back into the musical world seven years after the harrowing incident. Since then Ira recorded three albums that continue to lure in more and more listeners.

The eclectic artist’s three produced records include “Yellow, Orange, Red, and Blue”, “Smiley Face”, and “Count To Ten”. The newest single, announcing the release of the album “Count To Ten”, “Beautiful And Real” is a modern, yet retro sound inspired by Pink Floyd and The Beatles. The song written by Ira Lawrence Rosoff and Bo Intrator is premised on the intrinsic feeling and meaning of love that everyone feels at least once in their life. The final version of the song is a cumulative product of the hard work of veteran Grammy-nominated producer Rick Chudacoff from Nashville, James Wold, and Christian Cullen from Ira’s old band ‘Wheels’ as well as the Grammy Award-Winning Music Engineer Steve Marcantonio who was responsible for the final mix.

Discover the inspiring artist’s lyrical piece at the following link

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Born in Orlando, Ira Lawrence Rosoff was raised with music as his father was a doctor but a musician at heart. He grew up listening to and loving all types of music, especially the Beatles. You can hear that influence in several of his songs. After obtaining a degree in psychology from UCF, Ira followed his musical dreams and co-created the band “Wheels” in 2003. After the short-lived yet extremely encouraging response that the band got from the public, the singer has been dutifully committed to the production of music.


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