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The Triumphant Story of the Glamorous German-born Movie Star Who Earned America’s Highest Military Honor is Celebrated in “A Unique Life: A Tribute to Marlene Dietrich”

Solemn Pledge ventures into unprecedented music territory with a Concept EP for a Rock Opera about Marlene Dietrich.

New York, New York —Solemn Pledge, the powerful rock music duo of Maria Genevieve Elia and Michael Justin Lee, are the most prominent new creators in the Rock Opera genre. In their latest release, they employ a variety of rock music styles to tell the powerful and true story of Marlene Dietrich.

Her performing career began in the silent film era and continued into the 1970’s. She performed on both stage and screen and in the second half of her life became a celebrated singer. But she felt her greatest achievement was in serving the United States military during World War 2. For her military service, she received the highest military honor in the United States, the Medal of Freedom. She was also awarded the Légion d’Honneur, France’s highest military honor for her wartime service.

Solemn Pledge retains deep roots in hard rock / heavy metal and powerfully demonstrates this. The first song, “Roaring Berlin,” is in exactly that style as it starts the story of Marlene Dietrich’s life by evoking the decadence that was the Berlin of her youth. Subsequent songs depict other highlights of her life including the bittersweet “Farewell Deutschland” which highlights her decision to become an American citizen and fight against her native country which by then had been taken over by the Nazis. The album concludes on a melancholy note with “Life Well Led” which is her farewell to this world after decades of performing.

All songs were brilliantly performed by Maria Genevieve Elia and masterfully composed and produced by Michael Justin Lee. The duo’s previous eight Rock opera albums have been very gratifyingly embraced by the public. They, along with this latest album, are all streaming on Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, and over 150 other platforms worldwide.

Discover these inspiring artists’ music on Spotify, YouTube, and their website at the following link Follow the artists’ official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email:


Solemn Pledge is a rock music duo that combines the artistries of Maria Genevieve Elia and Michael Justin Lee. Their combined talent is revolutionizing the Rock Opera genre.

Maria, a heavy metal vocalist with a very distinctive timbre and a vocal range of three and a half octaves, has performed on rock and symphonic rock projects with artists around the world. Michael, a member of the Songwriters Guild of America, the Producers Guild of America, and the Society of Composers and Lyricists, has composed and produced nine previous albums that are streaming on all the major platforms worldwide


Solemn Pledge
Name: Michael Justin Lee


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