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Taking Rap and Hip Hop Back to Its Authentic and Original Galore- Mid City Madmen Drop Unprecedented New Album

A Rap band unlike any other, Mid City Madmen continue their brilliantly traversed streak with a fitting new record

New Orleans, LA. —April 25th, 2023 – Evoking all kinds of emotions in audiences, Mid City Madmen’s stunning new record is one which takes audiences on a roller coaster ride of their lives. Complete with unforgettable hooks, memorable storytelling, and rhythmic beats that are both refreshing yet familiar, Mid City Madmen are making a name for themselves as an act that is unrivalled.

Dropped on March 17th, 2023, the artists’ newest album hopes to become the ‘death of mumble rap,’ once and for all. Uniquely curated for audiences to truly appreciate the thought process that goes behind each lyric, each story, and each verse, Mid City Madmen’s newest work is a powerful and viscerally moving release.

Without doubt, all 11 tracks of the new record will have audiences in a whirlwind of emotions and deliver a beautiful rendition of the collective’s talents. An unparalleled collective, Mid City Madmen consists of Shermhigh, Captain of the Seas, Keith “the wizard” Baker, DJ BoOom BoOom, and Whitney Alouisious.

Listeners of Mid City Madmen’s tracks are sure to feel a surge of positivity with their uplifting and inspiring tracks, each diverse and different in its own right. With their new album, the artists wish to prove to themselves that they can make hits, while sticking to what they do best.

“We believe in old school hip hop but with a modern twist. We are inspired by the likes of Beastie Boys, House of Pain, Cypress Hill, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and LL COOL J. Our main goal is to shock the world with our little secret!” claim Mid City Madmen.

Stream Mid City Madmen on your preferred music streaming sites. Leave reviews and feedback on Mid City Madmen’s official Facebook page. Spread the word about their new music and messages, and feel free to contact for reviews and other inquiries. Text Floyd Pitcher at 225-235-5601!



Mid City Madmen is a rap group that aims to revive the old-school elements of Rap music that have been lost in today’s world of mumble rap and copycats. In 2022, the group picked up their mics again to create an iconic album that digs deep into the soul of their listeners. Recorded out of Dusty Attic Studio in Slidell, La., the 11 songs in the album stand on their own with unique style and lyrics that will make anyone want to listen to them again and again.

The group’s main aim is to honour the roots of rap music and remember where they came from, revolutionizing the Rap world. Their new album promises to be the next big thing in the genre. With their iconic album, the artists will bring back the elements of rap that have been lost in recent times. So, join them in their Madman experience, and get ready to witness the revival of rap music.


Mid City Madmen
Name: Floyd Pitcher
Phone: 225-235-5601 (please text first)

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