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Stirring Lyrical Compositions Speak Volumes with just a Few Words: Lee-Ann Shewchuk Writes For Singers Around the World

This rising lyricist creates brilliantly crafted musical words that stem from powerful and intimate real-life experiences through rhyme and rhythm.

Grand Marais, MB, Canada — Lee-Ann Shewchuk is an up-and-coming lyricist who creates powerful lyrical compositions for musicians all over the world. She understands the sheer strength that words have on human emotion and expression and thus devotes her time to composing a unique production- one that can touch the hearts and souls of the avid listener.

Lee-Ann prides herself in forming singles that are in line with the musical vision that the artists bring to her. In doing so, she delves herself into the musical production process in hopes of providing the singers with the perfect rhyme and rhythm to bring their specific musical ideal to light. Perhaps, the lyricist’s most endearing quality is to continue to find the most innovative and exciting string of words to continue to create a beautiful and touching artistic song.

The writer’s first song “But I Know One Thing For Sure” was quite the musical hit, gaining traction amongst the loyal fans of the Paramount Group production house. This was a simple single on the pressure on young men to settle down which touched many young fellows going through the same life phase. Apart from this more than welcome first musical hit “It’s How You Live Your Life”, “Let’s Make A Pact”, and “Too Young To Grow Up” all embodied a sense of deep thoughtfulness and creativity that singles seldom do these days. Each single is imbibed with themes from Lee-Ann’s personal life and thus provides a unique insight into her world.

Discover the inspiring artist’s lyrical masterpieces on her own website link, a one-stop digital warehouse for all her hit lyrics. Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email



Lee-Ann is a brilliant new up-and-coming Lyricist in the music industry. For her, words have always held incredible meaning. Thus, she has always dutifully been engaged in deciphering the true essence of their force. She has been writing since 2003 searching for herself and her true passion through the strings of words that she created. In doing so, the enigmatic artist has finally realized her true calling is creating rhyme rhythm and everything in between.

As a writer, Lee-Ann has always had a keen eye for figuring out and forming narratives that would allude to many new realities. After publishing her book “Little Hacker & the Aliens”, the artist’s resolve towards creating carefully curated musical singles only increased. Now, Lee-Ann wishes to retire from her job in sales to continue to write moving lyrics that regale audiences with powerful singles from all around the world!


Lee-Ann’s Shewchuk
Name: Lee-Ann Shewchuk
Address: PO Box 219 Grand Marais, MB, Canada R0E 0T0
Phone: 204-771-7132 Text 1st and explain why you’re contacting me!

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