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Soul-Stirring, Inspirational, and Moving Music with a Purpose- Collaborations’ Ignite Social Change with Riveting Music

With their striking new single- “Got A Feeling”- Collaborations are driven to inspire, enlighten, and mesmerize audiences with their craft

Stratford, CT — August 31st, 2023 – Following the success of their hit 2022 single- “Running Out of Tomorrows,” stellar Pop band Collaborations continues their fascinating journey with a new record “Got A Feeling.” Defying all mainstream clichés and breathing life into the soundscape of Pop, Collaborations welcomes audiences to a sonic realm where creativity knows no bounds.

A talented group of artists, Collaborations is more than just a project- the artists embody a musical journey that fuses the talents of diverse indie artists into an extraordinary symphony of melodies.

The brainchild of eclectic artist- Ed Daniels-Collaborations transcend genres, and weave inspiring narratives of Alternative and Pop- seamlessly blending harmonies that resonate with a purpose.

At the core of Collaborations lies a revolutionary approach to songwriting. Instead of confining artists to rigid guidelines, they are given a high-level structure and theme, allowing them to infuse their unique essence into the creation.

Guided by producer Viv Steffens at Horizon Music Studios, this process nurtures innovation while maintaining a strong foundation- an ethos that fuels the band’s artistry.

An ongoing project which forms a tapestry where singer/songwriters and musicians, each with their distinct styles, unite to create multi-genre masterpieces- Collaborations present infectious beats from current pop to the nostalgia-inducing tunes of retro compositions.

The group’s dynamic approach ensures that the project is perpetually evolving, giving artists the freedom to contribute at their own pace. This adaptability attracts a diverse pool of talents, resulting in a cross-genre collection that’s unparalleled in quality and ingenuity.

Beyond the music, Collaborations carries a profound mission. Each song serves as a vessel of inspiration, a beacon of hope urging listeners to persevere despite life’s challenges.

Collaborations is more than just a musical endeavor; it’s a catalyst for social change. Aligning with its message of diversity and positivity, all proceeds from the music sales are donated to local charities. With every beat, Collaborations is orchestrating not just melodies but also meaningful transformations within communities.

With its genre-defying melodies and commitment to social change, this musical venture is poised to inspire, uplift, and drive transformative change!

Stream Collaborations’ powerful and fascinating new musical compositions on their official music streaming platforms!




Collaborations is a pioneering project that converges a diverse collective of indie artists into a harmonious tapestry of music. Spearheaded by Ed Daniels, a visionary with a passion for innovation, Collaborations is rewriting the rules of songwriting.

Artists are empowered to infuse their distinct flavors into a high-level structure and theme, guided by producer Viv Steffens. The result? A seamless blend of alternative, pop, singer/songwriter, and world music that defies conventions.

While not a professional musician, Ed’s decades-long love affair with the guitar and his extensive career in IT have serendipitously converged to give birth to this groundbreaking project. Ed’s ability to architect computer programs finds a parallel in the art of crafting melodies. His vision, coupled with Viv Steffens’ production prowess, is catalyzing Collaborations’ unique approach to music-making.


Name: Ed Daniels
Address: 1235 Prospect Dr, Stratford, CT
Phone: 2032094543



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