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Sculpting Connections between Humanity and Divinity with PraiseGod Music- Uno Ogarekpe Inspires with New Single

“Jesus Loves Me” is one of the most popular Christian hymns around the world, especially among children. Anna B. Warner first wrote the hymn as a poem. Uno enjoyed this hymn as a child and grew up to experience the warmth and unconditional love of Jesus Christ through his journey to adulthood. “Jesus loves me”, an instrumental masterpiece, is an expression of gratitude of such an amazing love.

Calabar, Cross River, Nigeria — September 15th, 2023 –A gospel recording artist, musician, songwriter, and poet, Uno Ogarekpe is not just a name; it is a testament to the power of music to touch souls and transform lives. At the heart of his artistic journey lies the foundation of PraiseGod Music(PGM), a platform that seeks to create a unique and diverse musical experience that resonates with both humanity and divinity.

With the release of an enriching new composition- titled “Jesus Loves Me”-Uno Ogarekpe’s artistic endeavor finds its truest expression. Complemented with PraiseGod Music, a brand that embodies the very essence of his creative spirit, the artist delivers a peculiar variety of music, a sonic tapestry that serves as a conduit for divine connection.

Under the PraiseGod Concept, Uno Ogarekpe envisions two distinct categories of music: vocals and instrumentals, all united by a distinctive and gratifying mix. Uno Ogarekpe’s musical prowess takes center stage with his compelling record titled “Jesus Loves Me.”

Masterfully mixed and mastered by Mr. Matt, “Jesus Loves Me as well as other songs” exudes a divine energy that is bound to touch hearts and uplift spirits.

Uno Ogarekpe firmly believes that a pure heart is a vessel for ingenuity, a philosophy that reverberates through his music. Looking ahead, the horizon for PraiseGod Music is as vast as Uno Ogarekpe’s creative spirit. With a dedicated goal to create a unique musical variety that brings joy to both humanity and divinity, PraiseGod Music is set to release music frequently.

The journey of PraiseGod Music has been one of perseverance, fueled by the artist’s unshakable belief in his purpose. Uno Ogarekpe’s passion for sharing divinely inspired music with the world propelled him forward, even during times of challenge.

Visit Uno Ogarekpe’s official website to check out, buy, and stream the artist’s soulful music and join the community! Follow the artist on social media for updates on new music, and reach out through email for your feedbacks, interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations!




Uno Ogarekpe is more than an artist; he is a multidimensional creative force. As a music producer, songwriter, poet, and collaborator, his endeavors extend beyond the realm of artistry. Uno Ogarekpe is driven by a deep-seated desire to allow Life to flow through him, touching lives and souls along the way. With a passion that bridges humanity and divinity, Uno Ogarekpe stands as a true testament to the transformative power of music.

Uno Ogarekpe’s journey is one marked by grace and divine inspiration. Over two decades ago, his encounter with the love of God through Jesus Christ sparked the flame of his creative calling. His first song, aptly titled “Praise God,” was penned in 2001, a moment etched in memory as he realized the profound connection between his inner being and the music that flowed through him. He began working on this debut song as a student, and after about two decades Praise God was released with other inspiring songs succeeding it.

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