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Rock\’s Thought-Provoking Voice for Love, Peace, and War- Presenting Willie Hudson (Dulue)’s New Music

‘Fate of Mankind’ is a pensive and contemplative reflection of life’s many challenges, carrying an echo of a bygone era but with moving messages
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Jacksonville, NC —September 13th, 2023 – An artist who continues to weave strong connections of love, peace, and a sense of humanity, Willie Hudson, known in the music realm as Dulue, is a seasoned veteran. The dynamic artist marks a return to the music scene with a resounding message that reverberates through his rock-infused melodies.

In a world marred by conflict and divisiveness, where the pursuit of material gain often overshadows our values, Dulue’s tracks compel us to pause and reflect. With his distinct rock sound, the artist beckons audiences to reconsider our priorities.

Dulue’s latest album, is a heartfelt plea to rediscover the essence of our humanity. In an era plagued by conflicts, his music reminds us of the urgency to seek peace, not war. Dulue’s lyrics, while taking a critical look at the state of the world, encourage audiences to introspect.

The artist’s poignant new record confronts the painful reality that racial prejudices persist through society. He challenges us to confront this issue head-on, questioning how we can still grapple with racism in a world that has made strides in so many areas.

Dulue’s music acts as a wake-up call, urging society to prioritize love and safety over weapons and violence.

Dulue’s music may be a departure from the contemporary sounds of today, but it holds a timeless quality. It harks back to an era when music was a powerful force for change, when lyrics had depth and meaning. In an age where shallow tunes often take center stage, Dulue’s return is like a breath of fresh air for those yearning for substance in their music.

“My inspiration is for people to hear some of my songs to provoke good feelings as well as thoughts that may lead to action and change,” says Willie Hudson regarding his music,

Buy Willie Hudson’s new music today and stream his new and existing music on Spotify and other official platforms! The artist aims to use his platform to reach out to at least one person that may stop and think what we are doing today to each other!



Willie Hudson, who goes by the artistic name Dulue, is more than just a musician; he’s a messenger. Born out of a desire to provoke change and ignite introspection, Dulue’s music is a reflection of his deep concern for the world we live in.

A veteran with a rich musical history, Willie Hudson was part of the iconic bands Armaggedon and the Terry Scott Band, which even signed with Electra Records in the 1980s. While commercial success may have eluded him then, his passion for music and his unwavering commitment to spreading meaningful messages have persisted.

Inspired by a fervent desire to touch people’s lives, Dulue embarked on a solo journey, releasing music that stirs the soul and challenges the mind. His goal is to evoke emotions and thoughts that can lead to tangible actions and positive changes in society.


Willie Hudson AKA Dulue
Name: Willie Hudson
Address: 313 Emma Court Jacksonville NC, Jacksonville, NC



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